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Report # 41621  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 11, 2013.
Woman observes unusual tumbleweed structure with occupant in far west Texas near Sudan

YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Summer


DATE: Sunday, 7th

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Lamb County

LOCATION DETAILS: We might give location in private to investigator with permission of land owner.



OBSERVED: I have had bigfoot sightings and experiences since 2010 in a rural area between NM and Lubbock, TX with the latest experience occurring last Sunday. I would like to write my experiences in full detail but time will not let me, so I will only say that last Sunday I was near land that is owned by my father-in-law and we were looking for deer in tree area of a draw. I noticed a tree close to the road had tumble weeds all around it and up to the top of where limbs begin. I noticed the tumble weeds were a muddy tan color like they had dried mud on them. I saw that they were that way because there was something dark sitting there facing towards the draw away from the road. Once looking through binoculars and going back and forth in the vehicle to observe, I noticed that the dark hairy creature kept moving around the tree to make it look like there was nothing there. Got a little further south of the tree and looking back through binoculars I saw a hairy head with matted fur bobbing up with eyes peering over a branch and then moving its head down or to the side so it was unseen. This was in the morning around 10:00 am. It was a beautiful day and not too hot. The area is marshy with water reeds growing and when we backed the vehicle north and looked saw that the creature had moved to another tree behind the marsh reeds staring toward the vehicle but still secluded for the most part by the reeds and underbrush and the tree. Saw a deer walk through the side of this area and a wild hog. I never felt alarmed but would not let husband go and look further because this is a rural area and phones do not always work and not sure what I would do if anything happened to him. My husband does not think I saw anything but he could not see what I saw through the binoculars. He saw a blue bird that morning which I did not see even though I looked so we both had different vantage points from where we were sitting in the car. I would really like to share all of the incidents that happened to me with the creature in 2010 but will need to do that at another writing when I have time.

ALSO NOTICED: Noticed deer going through area as well as a wild hog which are not as many in numbers as a year or two ago. Also saw 2 large deer up the road standing at a tree beside a fence a good block away. When they realized they were being observed, they sat down in tall grass and looked directly our way, then would stand up when we left but sit down when we backed up.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 We were looking at fencing and trying to see if any cattle were outside the fenced area they belonged to.

OTHER STORIES: I know the rangers past and present to the Wildlife refuge nearby but have not gotten up enough courage to ask them. I really need to remain credible in these parts and word travels quicker than electric current around here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10:00am morning, Beautiful sunny day with a few clouds in sky. Not too hot.

ENVIRONMENT: It was at a natural spring area of a draw that had tall reeds where the water was. There is deer in this wooded area and farmer who owns land south of property has deer stand. Farmer who owns land will not allow hunting on property.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

I spoke with the witness by phone on two occasions. She provided these additional details. The property is remote and hunting is not allowed. The roads are rarely traveled by anyone. She and her husband visited the property on 3 consecutive Sundays beginning on July 7th. All activity was between 9:30 and 11:30 am, and the observations were made with the help of binoculars.

On the first trip, the tumbleweeds appeared to be deliberately placed so as to provide the occupant with concealment while it observed its surroundings. Although the witness did not see the whole animal, she described the head as being rounded, its color a dark brown with a reddish tint, the hair matted somewhat like dreadlocks, and the shape, color, and size of the figure inconsistent with deer, wild hogs, or domesticated animals. She also mentioned seeing an arm with elbow.

On the second visit, she again saw the creature, this time its face, which looked like an orangutan with white hair surrounding the face. It was under a different tree shelter with downward arched, twisted branches. They also found a large, freshly broken branch of a tree on the road that had not been there the day before. There were no trees close by that were missing that branch, so they concluded that it must have been put there by someone or something.

After she spoke with me the first time, she and her husband returned to the site a third time and found that the tumbleweeds were gone. She could not account for any natural phenomena that could explain their disappearance. She said that it appeared to her that the nest was disassembled.

I found the witness to be candid and consistent in relating her experience.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

Gary is a retired USAF pilot, a Vietnam veteran with 312 combat missions in the B-52. He also retired from American Airlines in 2008 after 18 years service as a flight training manager. A graduate of USAF ground and sea survival schools, Gary is an avid bird hunter and fisherman. He has been following the bigfoot phenomenon since the 1950's.