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Report # 448  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Barry S. on Friday, October 13, 2000.
Daylight sighting by ranchers on the banks of the Canadian River

YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: july 5, 2000

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Hemphill County

LOCATION DETAILS: Several miles west of Canadian on the river


NEAREST ROAD: highway 83

OBSERVED: me and a friend were gathering cattle around dusk about 300 yards from the river. We were pusing the cattle towards the barn which was about a mile from our locataion at the time. as we pushed the cattle we noticed our horses becoming ancy and they wanted to go the opposite way of the river and the cattle were becoming hard to hold togeather and they were getting ancy as well and nervous. we decided that it was a lost cause because for some reason they were frightend. we just thought it was becasue a storm was on its way and cattle gather in a corner before and during a storm. and it was getting dark so we headed in and angrily decided to do it in the morning. as we headed home our horses would not go and we figured that they were nervous from the oncoming storm. as we impatiently loped them towards the river my buddies horse took off on a dead run for the barn, soon after that mine fallowed. as we got to the sandy bank of the Canadian river we saw a bigfoot standing there about 100 yards down river from us. he was sqwating on the side of the river and when we came up he was startled and jumped to his feet, but didnt run off. the horses stoped with alot of pulling back on the rains and becasue they didnt want to hit the river with a full head of steam. they were very nerous though, prancing in circles around each other. but we still got a good look. at first we were very startled but we didnt run out of curiosity and shock i think. we watched it watch us for about 30 seconds i think before it hauled as into the trees. it ran with a gate that i have never seen and it was not human at all, it was about 9 feet tall and its strides were about that long. as it ran with its head towards us it just clobered a small tree right at the edge of tree line, as it did the tree broke and the bigfoot barely flinched. this was when we both knew that it was not human at all. we didnt have the balls to check things out that night but we did go back the next morning, but we couldnt tell much because of the rain that night. but to this day i swear by my story and i swear that whatever that thing was it was no human

ALSO NOTICED: all the animals were spooked about 200 yards away from the spot that the incedent occured

OTHER WITNESSES: me and a frinend, riding horses, and gathering cattle

OTHER STORIES: i havent heard of anything like this around here

TIME AND CONDITIONS: low light, around dusk in a heavely wooded area

ENVIRONMENT: heavily wooded area, on the sandy bank of a river