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Geographical Index > United States > Tennessee > Carroll County > Report # 4543
Report # 4543  (Class C)
Submitted on Tuesday, February 2, 1999.
Sighting along side of road by teens walking home from a party

YEAR: 1905

SEASON: Summer

DATE: unknown

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Carroll County

LOCATION DETAILS: LOCATION: Carroll Co. Tennessee, in the south-easter corner, near Dollar and the Buena Vista communities

NEAREST TOWN: Dollar and Buena Vista


OBSERVED: OBSERVED: My great aunt, Ida Jones told me that when she was young (about 1905) she and her brother and sister were walking home one night from a party when they saw a thing sitting out in the field beside the road. She said it looked like a man but was covered with dark hair. She said she could see the moon reflected in its eyes (which implies that the eyes were set in front, not on the side like a bear's). I made no noise but it watched them, turning it's head as the passed. The three walked home arm in arm with one walking backward to see if the thing was following them.

ALSO NOTICED: Also there was frequently heard in that neighborhood what the old folks called a catamount--some sort of wild animal that "screemed like a woman."

OTHER WITNESSES: She and her brother and sister going home after a party

OTHER STORIES: Screems often heard in the woods "Like a woman screeming" Attributed to a catamount

ENVIRONMENT: At the time the area was thinly settled farming communities, with fields and uncleared land. Today it is mostly part of Natchez Trace State Wild Life area.