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Geographical Index > United States > Ohio > Defiance County > Report # 4556
Report # 4556  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Terry Ramey on Wednesday, August 27, 1997.
Midnight sighting by motorist on Coy Rd

YEAR: 1977

SEASON: Unknown


COUNTY: Defiance County

LOCATION DETAILS: This happened on Coy rd. in Defiance Co. about two miles south of Ney, Ohio



OBSERVED: While traveling at 55-60 mph I saw what appeared to be a tall being covered with brown hair. It was standing in a ditch beside a cement bridge that was about two to three feet above the road. The being's head was about another two to three feet above that. I estimated that the being would have stood eight to nine foot tall.

ALSO NOTICED: The next morning at about 10:00 AM, I went back because I wanted to make sure that I had not just seen weeds sticking up. The site was clear, no tall weeds or anything that would or could have been what Id saw. I did not think about checking for track at that time

OTHER WITNESSES: I had just got off work


ENVIRONMENT: The being was standing in a ditch that ran though a 8-10 acre woods. the woods are about 50 feet off the road. on the other side of the road is open farmland. there are houses a1/4 mile on either side of the ditch. the farm to the north has a barn within 100 feet of the ditch.