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Report # 45899  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, July 15, 2014.
Possible daytime sightings by expedition attendees near Mt. Adams

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 20

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Skamania County

LOCATION DETAILS: North of Steamboat Mountain is where main base camp was. Just South west of Mt. Adams



OBSERVED: My girlfriend and I had been walking midday, 230-330ish, when we decided to walk down an overgrown old logging road. About a half mile down the road a meadow opened up on the left hand side and we decided to start walking through it. I had kind of started getting a bad feeling but attributed it to the fact that we were walking through an area that looked nice for a bear to take a nap, and we had heard bears were nearby. I asked if we could continue walking. Maybe another 75-100 feet walking through the meadow parallel with the road she had asked if she could practice her bigfoot calls, sure I thought, midday, perfect to practice. She had let off 3 quick calls and we waited for maybe a minute before we kept walking. Then she came upon the ants. These ants were having a war, but I was too busy thinking of that bear I might run into and wanted to keep walking. But instead took the opportunity to just look. Just look at my surroundings. I was staring off into the treeline for a minute or two, when through the trees I saw something big and fast move from my left to right without making any noise. In that short amount of time, I am fairly certain that I had seen a hand. But it was mostly the texture of the hair that struck me. Very straggly, knotted, long but not being picked up away from the body as it ran. I tried to keep my eyes on it but it disappeared as quick as I saw it, before I saw another flash of it through the trees only this time looking bigger in width. After that I didn't see it again. I radioed to our main camp to let them know what I had seen. And we sat down. Just looking into the woods, trying to listen for anything. When a deer walked down the meadow from the direction we had come from, stopped maybe 20-30feet from us before it took off screaming. Some more of our fellow campers arrived and we went a little further into the woods. I did not see anything else the rest of that day.

ALSO NOTICED: Just the deer. We had made noise, I don't believe he was unaware of us, and for the deer to walk up that close on us and then get spooked at take of running and screaming towards the woods was bizzarre.

OTHER WITNESSES: The one person that was with me at the time, was looking at ants. Otherwise we would have probably kept walking through the meadow and not have known anything was in the treeline.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3-330pm. I believe we left camp at 230. Sunny, no cloud cover.

ENVIRONMENT: forest meadow. open. grassy.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Cindy & Jerod Caddell:

On 06/19/2014 at approximately 1500 hours, Kourtney, a member of a BFRO expedition, radioed that she had just seen what she believed to be a sasquatch in a meadow located off of an old, closed down, road approximately ¼ to a ½ mile away from basecamp. She then quickly radioed that the sasquatch had possibly dropped on all fours and disappeared from her view.

Several expedition members, including myself and other investigators, quickly responded to the area. The investigators and other expedition members began searching the area on foot while I searched the area with a vehicle mounted thermal imaging device (known as R2D2). Approximately 30 to 45 minutes after Kourtney had her sighting, expedition member Christopher, the son of BFRO investigator John, was following a trail up a hill and sighted what he believed to be a sasquatch once he crested the top of the hill. Christopher reported the sasquatch was leaning out from behind a tree and as soon as Christopher looked towards it, it turned, moving very quickly, and he (Christopher) lost sight of it. Expedition members and BFRO investigators flooded the area but there were no other sightings or evidence found in the area at that time.

After the two sightings all of the investigators and expedition members eventually made their way back to basecamp. I briefly spoke with Christopher about his sighting and observed that he appeared to be visibly shaken over the experience. I arranged to interview both he and Kourtney at separate times and plans were made to recreate both sightings, which were essentially part of the same incident, the next day.

On 06/20/2014 at approximately 1300 hours (slightly earlier but near the same time of day as the two sightings the previous day) Kourtnie, Christopher, other BFRO investigators, and I went back to the meadow and began a recreation of the entire event. The following is a detailed recreation of both sightings, as well as detailed statements made by both witnesses, Kourtnie and Christopher.

Kourtnie told me in substance that she and her companion, Gloria, had decided to conduct a daytime search off of the main roads in the area, going into rougher terrain. As they went into a meadow, Gloria found an anthill with some ants fighting and, being intrigued by the ants fighting, she stopped and watched them for a few minutes. Kourtnie, who was standing next to Gloria waiting, looked up and observed a large animal standing near a tree watching them. When the animal, which Kourtnie believed to be a sasquatch, realized it had been seen, it quickly moved approximately 15 feet, turned and disappeared from view. Kourtnie thought the fur was dark brown or black but she could not tell due to the area being in shadow. She initially thought it had dropped down on all fours before she lost sight of it, but it appeared as if it might have actually turned its back and ran down a game trail.

Kourtnie could identify where she and Gloria were standing and she could identify the tree the animal was standing near when she first sighted it. Kourtnie stood where she had been standing during her sighting while I went to the tree where the animal had been standing. The tree was located on top of a ridge surrounding the area and the entire meadow was located in a bowl like area. Using my GPS, I determined the distance between Kourtnie and the animal was 143’. Using a model for the recreation, Cody (who is 6’6”) we attempted to determine how large the animal was and recreate the movements. Cody stood next to the tree and Kourtnie stated that the top of Cody’s head was about shoulder level of the animal she had seen. Based on that, and pointing out the location on the tree that was equal to the level of the animal’s head, we determined the animal was between 8 ½’ to 9’ tall. I observed that the tree the animal was standing near was directly on a large animal trail. There were several different animal trails leading out of the area and more than one of them went down the opposite side of the ridge, which was very close to the location of the tree. It appeared that when the animal observed that Kourtney had seen it, it quickly ran to its left. Kourtnie momentarily lost sight of it and it reappeared approximately 15’ away. Kourtnie was able to show us where it reappeared and I observed there was an animal trail directly behind the area. Kourtnie said the animal moved silently and she never heard any sounds.

Cody, during our recreation, ran from the first location to the second location (approximately 15’). Kourtnie, standing in her original location, could easily hear Cody’s feet hitting the ground and he was unable to replicate how fast the animal had moved. Kourtnie had stated that when she first saw the animal she could only see it from about the waist up and it moved so fast she was unable to see any details. Based on her statements and the recreation, I determined that it was likely the animal had been standing sideways next the tree and when Kourtnie had seen it, it ran down the game trail we had located, turned its back to her, and quickly ran down a game trail on the opposite side of the ridge. I had observed the ground was soft and grassy in the area and the most likely route the animal had travelled, would have allowed it to do so with a minimal amount of noise.

I observed that the entire meadow was full of deer and elk signs and appeared to be a large feeding area for deer and elk. Kourtnie stated that after she had radioed out her sighting she stayed where she was at and approximately two minutes later, a deer, that appeared to be terrified, ran from the opposite direction of where the sasquatch had been and directly towards her. The deer appeared not to notice her and ran past her and out of the meadow. Kourtnie believed the deer appeared to be frightened by something possibly chasing it, but it was in the opposite direction of where the sasquatch had been standing. It is unknown what direction the wind was blowing in the meadow but it is likely that the deer either caught the scent of a predator or was being chased by something. Kourtnie said the deer ran very close to her and paid no attention to her or Gloria.

About BFRO Investigator Cindy & Jerod Caddell:

Cindy has had a lifetime interest in bigfoot with experiences dating back to 1993. She is an award winning professional photographer and anthropologist. She is currently working in the archeology field. She also has an associate’s degree in psychology. Jerod is a former Marine and currently works in law enforcement. Both Cindy and Jerod have a love of the outdoors and have organized several BFRO expeditions.