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Report # 46742  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 12, 2014.
Bowhunter finds large barefoot prints in the snow near Drummond

YEAR: 2007


MONTH: October

DATE: 30

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Bayfield County

LOCATION DETAILS: Ok it was years ago since we hunted that area but I know there is a sasquatch there, there are a few reports out there from that area .You have a report on here that was posted in Bayfield county in the moqua barrons north of hwy 2. Well I was hunting an area 1.5 miles from that spot that guy heard those howls and the only reason I was hunting there was cuz I seen those tracks around Drummond couple days before.


NEAREST ROAD: fire lane 328 or 399

OBSERVED: I came across some tracks in fresh snow one time and possibly heard wood knocking. NOW I WATCH YOUR SHOW AND IT ALL COMES TOGETHER. What I seen and heard that day made me believe. I seen the tracks some people believe to be that of a sasquatch but I can tell you half of them are not. The tracks I followed in fresh snow that day were so detailed. I never seen anything anywhere posted that comes even close.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes overheard other hunters saying that the big guy is still around


OTHER STORIES: Yes they are in your reports

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7:30 am partly cloudy wind calm temperature in the 20s

ENVIRONMENT: Dense forest/swamp land 300 yards off Firelane

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

I spoke to the witness about his experience in 2007. On this morning 3" of fresh snow had fallen, ending around 4 AM. He was deer hunting with a bow, walking 300 yards of a two-track fire lane road, on the edge of the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest. Looking for a place to place his tree stand, he saw a trail of footprints in the snow and followed them for 70 yards, until they went into a thicket. He distinctly saw toe prints in the tracks, and said they were 1.5 " longer, and 2 " wider than his size 13 boot track. The stride space between tracks was 1.5 times longer than his stride and he is over 6' tall, 230 lbs. A lifelong hunter, he knows the difference between bear, deer, elk, etc. tracks in the woods. He described the tracks he saw as looking like "bare feet prints" in the fresh snow. he had no phone for pictures, as it was 2007, and he did not have camera capability.

Upon sitting in his tree stand, he heard knocks, breaking branches, sticks cracking, low growling sounds, huffs and moans. These came from a spot 100 yards from him, over the course of an hour. The hair stood up on his neck, and nervous, he went for his car and left.

About BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

Rick has been on numerous BFRO expeditions over the last 7 years, and has been investigating witness experiences for 5 years in Wisconsin and Tennessee. He has three times published a guide book to Stick Structures found in the woods.