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Report # 4737  (Class A)
Submitted by witness RC, LC and 17 year old son. Please keep contact info confidental on Saturday, August 3, 2002.
Afternoon sighting by family on I-5 near Chehalis

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 13

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: The tracks at I-5 as you are going accross the bridge between hwy 6 and 13th street exit. The tracks that Am Trak travels. There are trees and bushes along both sides of the tracks.



OBSERVED: Our family was coming home down I-5 from visiting our daughter in PeEll. It was a very warm spring day, discount that we have estimated in May 2000. We were traveling south bound just from the on ramp. We saw a very large figure crossing the rail road tracks. It was probably 8' or 8 1/2' tall. It moved gracefully across the rail road tracks. At first I thought it was a man dressed up in a dark brown fur suit. Some one said, "Did you see that?"
and then the 3 of us started trying to rationalize what we had seen. Almost at the same time we said that was a Big Foot! We have never told anyone about this until today at the Onalaska Sportsman Show. We saw the BFRO exhibit
and my husband talked to Kevin Lindley, next thing I know we were sitting down telling our story. We have really tried to discount the idea
that it was something else we saw, but we know what it was, a Big Foot. He was large, long arms,
dark brown fur from head to toe. It was in the area of the steam train, but the other tracks that the AM Trak travels.

OTHER WITNESSES: My husband (RC) was driving, I was in the passanger seat and my son was in the back of the van.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was in the late afternoon 3-4:00
very nice and warm

ENVIRONMENT: The opposite side of I-5 has a swamp.

A & G References: Page #46, C-1

Follow-up investigation report:

I had set up a sasquatch display (casts and information) at the Onalaska Sportsmen show 8/3/02. This couple showed a lot of interest in the still picture of the Patterson/Gimlin film. I asked them if they had seen something like that, and they both responded in the affirmative. I had them sit down for an interview and requested they submit their story to our web page, which they did. They had not spoken to anyone about this up until that time and did not want any attention brought to them if they were to report it. The BFRO policy is to honor requests for privacy. RC is an elk deer hunter and has seen a good number of bear and stated flatly, "This was definitely not a bear."