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Report # 49896  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.
Possible encounter at night by hunters camping at Virginia Lakes

YEAR: 2015


MONTH: September

DATE: 30

STATE: California

COUNTY: Mono County

LOCATION DETAILS: Virginia Lakes Rd.



OBSERVED: 9--30-15 we were camping at Virginia Lakes. We had killed a deer and had the carcass out back of camp. during the night about 2 a.m. my son, daughter-in-law and my grandson first heard sounds of rocks or big stones being thrown or dropped. Then they started hearing knocking noises like someone hitting trees with a bat followed by a low growl ending in a high pitched scream. This went on for about 15 min. At this time I was awakened by a a noise. I wasn't sure what it was and I thought a bear was after the deer. I jumped up and my son said something was screaming outside. I ran out with a flash light and could see nothing. I was looking for a bear or eye shine I got one single eyeshine about 7 or 8 ft off the ground when I panned back it was gone. I thought maybe a raccoon. But when the family told me what they heard I knew it was not a coon and tried to make them think it was a bear. The next morning when I went to check nothing had been touched but a very large pine tree next to the deer had been pushed nearly completely over. I have been an hunter and outdoors man all my life but have no answer for this. Just thought you would like to know because it happened so recently

ALSO NOTICED: The deer in that area were very calm an unafraid before that night, the next day they were very spooky and fearful.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2 a.m. bright moon


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bob Collier:

I spoke with the witness by phone. The witness is a 58 year-old man from Central California who has vast amounts of experience in the outdoors. He has been deer hunting the Eastern Sierra mountain range for years.

On October 2, 2015 at approximately 3:00 PM the witness and his family were on a hunting trip (deer season) near Virginia Lakes California on the above date and time. They were driving on a dirt road looking for an area to park their camping trailer and to make camp. After locating an open area off the road, they parked the trailer, and made camp for the weekend. The witness had his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids with him on this trip. The grand kids' ages were 16, 8, and 6 years of age. He recalled that once they established camp, his wife had made a comment about feeling uneasy about the area.

On the above date and in the late afternoon, the witness and his son started hunting. The witness stated he remembers seeing deer everywhere, and they were not spooked by their presence. He felt this behavior was odd because it was rifle season. The witness stated from Friday until Monday he did not see another hunter, nor did anyone drive down the same dirt road they were on.

As the weekend passed, and Monday came they were able to take their first deer that Monday morning. He had field dressed his deer, where he then brought the deer carcass to an area near camp to remove all of the meat.
After the witness completed this task he then placed the carcass approximately 50 yards away from camp.
After going to bed that evening, at approximately 1 AM or 2 AM Tuesday morning his wife, son, and daughter-in-law were awakened by a loud noise hitting the roof of the camper. They described the noise as rocks hitting the roof, in succession. This witness was still sleeping during this time. His family members then heard a thud noise which was created by a hard object striking the side of the trailer. The right side of the trailer was the closest to the tree line. His family members then heard what sounded like sticks being struck together in the woods. By this time all three grandchildren were awake, and listening to the noises as well.

As his family members were gathered in the middle of the trailer, they heard several loud "blood curdling" screams come from the woods. These screams were heard as coming from the front and rear of the trailer. There were five screams in total. After the screaming stopped a "whooping" sound was heard on the left side of the trailer. The witness reminded me during all this he was still sleeping explaining that when he sleeps, he sleeps very deep, but he could not understand why his wife had not woken him up at this point.

He woke up on his own when he heard a dragging motion near the rear of the trailer where his bed was at. The witness had his deer meat stored in a cooler under the trailer, and he thought a bear was trying to drag the cooler out from under the trailer. The witness got up out of bed, and to his surprise his entire family was already up. They were standing in complete silence in the middle of the trailer. He stated when he saw this it puzzled him at first. The witness then asked them what was going on, and they would not answer him. They all had a frightened look on their faces. He then told them he thought there was a bear outside, trying to get to the deer meat. He then asked his son to go outside with him to check it out. He stated his son refused so he went outside by himself.

As he went outside with a flashlight he directed the beam into the tree line. He said the tree line was approximately 20 feet from the trailer. As he was pointing the flashlight beam into the tree line he observed one red glowing eye peeking out from the side of a tree. He stated the glowing eye was approximately eight feet off the ground. He thought the glowing eye was a reflection from a raccoon or another animal at the time. The witness did state when he thought about it later, the eye was already glowing before the beam of his flashlight had hit it. The witness then retreated back into the trailer where he and his family went back to bed.

When the sun had risen that morning he had gone back outside and checked to make sure his deer meat was still in his cooler. The witness stated during the weekend his grandkids had stacked eight softball size rocks to the rear of the trailer as they were playing. He noticed all eight rocks were missing that Tuesday morning. The witness also located interesting footprints in the dirt near his camp, where he was able to capture these photos of them.

After interviewing the witness I do believe the events he described did occur, and that they were visited by more than one Sasquatch in the early morning of Tuesday October 6, 2015.

About BFRO Investigator Bob Collier:

Law enforcement officer in southern California.
Avid outdoors-man fishing, hiking, and backpacking.
Conducted numerous investigations in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.