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Report # 5053  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 6, 2002.
Possible bigfoot encounter changes a mischievous teenager's plan

YEAR: 2002


MONTH: October

DATE: Sat. 5

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Multnomah County

LOCATION DETAILS: Gordon Creek Rd. is south of Corbett, Oregon, in Multnomah County, near the Clackamas County line between Corbett and the hamlet of Aims, Oregon

NEAREST TOWN: Corbett/Troutdale

NEAREST ROAD: Gordon Creek rd. off I-84east

OBSERVED: My friend and i were going out sign stealing, near Corbett off of I-84, we found a sign that we liked and got out of the car to get it.
As we approached the side of the road, near the woods, I heard a low territorial growl. I asked my friend if he had heard it, but he hadn't.
We were both kinda freaked out by what I had heard, so we raised out eyes to the darkness of the woods. At the exact second we looked out into the darkness, there came a shriek like nothing we had ever heard before. Then we heard something crashing through the underbrush, and we ran like little girls back to the car. I got the hell out of there, but we are going back this weekend to check it out.
We talked about the noise and decided that it was like nothing we had ever heard before. Not human, or animal

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself, and my friend (2)

OTHER STORIES: we were on the net checking out info about bigfoot, and we read some reports of bigfoot sightings near the area we heard the noise

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 9:00 and foggy and pitch black, but it isn't that significant because we didnt see anything at all, it was just the scariest noise ever, mainly because it was like no human or animal sound we had ever encountered.

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest, dense underbrush, lots of fog

Follow-up investigation report:

An unimpressive sighting report on the one hand but the
more background one has on this report and the witness, the more amusing it becomes. Miles B. was a student in my science class three years ago and received a basic treatment of the bigfoot enigma as part of a classroom presentation on scientific mysteries. As with most students, Miles doubted that such creatures could still exist and he felt that the evidence that had been presented was not compelling.

Then, on a recent summer night Miles was out with friends making mischief in the rural fringe of Portland. Their rural road sign stealing escapades were cut short by a terrifying series of events that occurred at very close range. Miles visited me at work soon after to inform me of the details and to offer that they returned to the site several time since and have not seen or heard anything significant (as I would expect). He also informs me that although he laughed at the concept of bigfoot when we discussed the possibility in class years ago, he now has a very different outlook on the matter.

Gordon Creek Rd. between Corbett and Aims, Ore. is an area with many past bigfoot sightings, particularly in late summer. Gordon Creek Rd. traverses heavily forested creek drainages in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains on the western slopes of Mt. Hood.

This amusing event may suggests that bigfoots are clever enough to perceive the mischievous intentions of a teenaged male and then to display a sense of humor in the way it dispatched the larceny-minded teen. If this is too much anthropomorphizing of the sasquatch, it is still gratifying to know that at least one sasquatch used its considerable powers of intimidation to protect the public's expenditure of tax dollars on rural highway signs. Even more amusing is the fact that Miles, the typical jaded American teenager, has a newfound respect for mysterious nocturnal creatures as a result of having the daylights scared out of him in a manner that he never thought possible.

Miles, for one, does not laugh at the possibility of bigfoots any more.