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Report # 5678  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 19, 2003.
Woman recalls childhood sighting near Warfield

YEAR: 1950

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Martin County

LOCATION DETAILS: Far back in the mountains in eastern Kentucky. It is possible strip mining has destroyed the area. I've been away for 40 years or so.



OBSERVED: When I saw this creature, I was told not to tell anybody or they would think I was crazy!!

In 1950 when I was 12 years old, I lived in a little hamlet called Beauty located in eastern Kentucky, located along the border of the Tug River. We children played in the mountains almost all summer long. We had heard of a rock cliff back up on the hill that had a cave in it and we decided to go looking for this cliff with the cave. Being kids, we didn't keep track of how far we climbed or what ridges we went on, but finally we reached this cliff. We were standing at the base looking up through the shadows of the trees when I noticed there was someone standing up on the rock (about 10 feet up) looking back at us.

He was, I judge about 6 feet tall. Muscular. His arms were longer than a humans.His legs about like a human. He had hair much like a chimps hair grows on its arms and legs.
NOT the fuzzy hair like a bear. His chest seemed to be pretty hairless. Very hairy around the genital area so one could not tell if he was male or female....but I didn't see any breasts so I judged it to be male. He was holding a heavy stick in his hand as he stood there looking down at us. I could not see his facial features. I would say that he was an intelligent being from the way he behaved.

He stood looking at us for about 15 seconds then he stepped back out of our sight and was gone. It was not until I was an adult that I realized what I had seen.

I believe this being knew we were children....I believe he allowed us to see him because we did not present him any danger. Of course we yelled and tore up the bushes
running back off that hill!! I told my grandma that we had seen a gorilla and she told me people would think I was crazy. So I kept it to myself what I had seen.


OTHER WITNESSES: Only two of us saw this being. The smaller children were running around picking flowers and making a ton of noise. I and my friend were trying to figure out a way to climb up the cliff to get to the cave and were standing looking up. I have no idea where any of them are today.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Occurred early afternoon. Sun was bright shining down
through the trees, but there were shadows from leaves.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountain ridge. Very Heavy growth....trees, vines, etc.

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness stated that she never forgot the incident. It wasn't until she was an adult that she realized what she had seen that day.