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Report # 57182  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, March 27, 2017.
Hunter hears chimp-like sounds north of the North Pass ski resort

YEAR: 2010


MONTH: September

DATE: 9/15/10

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: North of White Pass ski area



OBSERVED: Hiked in several miles north from the white Pass ski area. It began to snow. I was hunting elk with a muzzleloader.
I jumped what I thought was a group of elk from a dense cedar seep thicket. Continuing north up a small canyon as it began to snow more heavily. I heard what sounded like chimpanzees huffing. I've been a hunter in these mountains my whole life and have never heard anything like this in the woods.
It became clear to me that there were 3 separate individuals communicating with each othe back and forth. Two on the left side of the canyon, which was my side and another on the right side. I tried to catch a glimpse of whatever was making the chimp huffing and chattering but was unable to see anything. The storm became worse and it was getting later in the day. I would say I was a little afraid and decided to return to my camp.
The next year I returned to this exact spot and had a rock the size of a grape fruit come down thru the tops of the trees. It landed about8 feet from me. I beat a haste retreat.

OTHER WITNESSES: No others present


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Afternoon starting to snow heavily

ENVIRONMENT: Steep forested area with seeps and small cedar thickets

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chris Gonzales:

I talked to the witness by phone and he seemed straightforward and truthful.

The witness is a lifelong hunter and is very comfortable in the wilderness of Washington state. He told me of a hunting trip in the winter of 2010 in which he was hunting elk with a muzzleloader. A few miles north of the White Pass ski resort he entered what he described as a cedar swamp area running through a ravine about 50 yds across. It had started to snow heavily when he heard what he thought was a herd of elk up ahead. The witness then heard what he assumed to be chimpanzee-like huffing as well as chattering sounds emanating from both sides of the ravine. He was located on the left side of the ravine and heard the huffing sounds coming from the left and the right. He stated that it sounded like two individuals on his left and one on his right. It dawned on him that all three were communicating with each other. At this point he became very curious as to what might be making these unusual noises. He moved forward and continued to hear the huffing sounds. He soon realized the sounds were moving forward with him and as much as he tried he could not catch a glimpse of the noisemakers. He could hear movement through the spruce trees. They were constantly staying ahead of the witness while continuing to communicate with each other. The witness then decided that with the heavy snowfall, the lateness of the day and the fact that he was armed with a single shot muzzleloading firearm it was time to go back to camp. He did not at any point of his encounter smell anything unusual. He was not fearful or have any sense of danger.

He returned to the same spot one year later and had a large rock thrown at him. He described it as crashing through the trees and landing 8 feet in front of him. He sensed that it was thrown up and over the trees towards him instead of straight at him.

The location described by the witness is located near the Mt. Rainier National Park which has a long history of reported Bigfoot encounters. Based on the location and the report of chimp-like vocalizations by the witness I believe he stumbled upon two or more Bigfoots during his first encounter. The rock throwing incident one year later is also indicative of Bigfoot behavior.

About BFRO Investigator Chris Gonzales:

Chris is a native of California and has lived in Washington for over 21 years. He has served 11 years in the U.S military. He currently works as Site Coordinator in the city of Preston, Wa. He has attended multiple expeditions in both Washington state and Canada.