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Report # 59229  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 25, 2018.
Knocks returned in the afternoon while hiking at Loew Lake

YEAR: 2018

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 25th

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: On the trail by the St Augustine parking area. Sounds came from the area of Loew Lake which is off limits to hunting. Check the WDNR map of Loew Lake to see where this area is.


NEAREST ROAD: St Augustine Rd/Drumlin Ln

OBSERVED: My father and I went to Loew Lake because I had heard there had been sasquatch activity in the area. We hiked the trails for about two hours without much luck finding anything. I did find tree structures near the area where hunting is prohibited, and I took a picture of each of the two potential tree structures we had found. So as we were heading back to our car after hiking for two hours, I decided to pick up a stick and try making some wood knocks. To our surprise, there was a response.

Mind you, we had been hearing gunshots in the area, local wildlife, and the sounds of trees scraping against each other. And what we heard was a knocking noise we couldn't explain. I knocked once, and we heard a knock in reply. Then I knocked in a series of three, and we got a three knocked response. Then, the knocks started going rapid one after another.

I then replied in the same fashion, knocking rapidly one after another. Then it stopped. I made several attempts later to try tree knocking again in hopes of getting a response again, but no luck. I had the idea that if it was a sasquatch, it figured out it wasn't communicating with another Sasquatch so it stopped replying. My dad and I both heard it and decided that it could have only been either another human being messing with us or it was in fact a sasquatch.

This makes me want to look into the area more. Because we never heard that noise until I started tree knocking the first time. And then never heard the noise again. We ruled out the idea that is was just a wood pecker, because wood peckers make noise whenever they want and not really in reply to something. To my knowledge, nothing in our area in terms of animals could make a knocking noise such as that.

ALSO NOTICED: There were many deer tracks in the area, so there's definitely food for any potential sasquatch or predator.

OTHER WITNESSES: My father was there. When we heard the wood knocking, we both just looked at each other surprised.

OTHER STORIES: We had heard that there was potential Bigfoot activity in the area. So that's what prompted us to go there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 3pm in the afternoon. It was sunny with wind, and about 41 degrees.

ENVIRONMENT: Deciduous forest. Conditions were quiet for the most part. In the same area, we found potential tree structures.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B Breedlove:

I visited this area the day before our phone interview hoping to meet the witness on site but he was unable to make it. There was no shortage of noteworthy stick structures.

Here are the photos he took of the possible structures:

The following is one of a series of 10 hoops over the trail, up the hill for an estimated 60+ feet -

After speaking with the witness on the phone for 25 minutes I concluded that he is a credible observer.

A repeated return sequence of one knock, then three knocks seems more than a random happening.

This is a smaller, less popular park, so there were unlikely to be many humans nearby, especially with something immediately ready with which to return knocks.

While the final sequence of rapid knocks were faster, they were not nearly as rapid as a woodpecker could make, per witness.

Submitter also attempted whoops after knocks stopped, but no reply.