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Report # 6722  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, August 7, 2003.
Woman observes a sasquatch behind her fence near Zanesville, Ohio.

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 26


COUNTY: Muskingum County


NEAREST TOWN: Zanesville


OBSERVED: Just sitting on the patio with my husband talking and I looked out toward the woods behind our home and in the blink of an eye a tall black creature walking on two legs took 2 large steps past our shelter and barn and was gone. I didn't say a thing to my husband. I was not believing what I just saw. From where I was sitting the creature was as tall as our bugwacker. I only saw the side view of it. It never turned its body or head, it just took 2 large steps and was gone.

ALSO NOTICED: Have heard dogs barking and carrying on but we do have lots of deer and I hoped that was what they was barking at. One morning last week I was having a cup of coffee on the patio at 5:l5AM and the dogs were carrying on and I heard an unusual growling sound. We are supposed to have bear here in Ohio but I have never seen one in our county.


OTHER STORIES: NO. Its hard to ask anyone without them thinking I'm out of my mind.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Not quite dusk. Clear evening

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area

Follow-up investigation report:

After a full hour long interview with the witness it is clear that a sasquatch was observed. She measured the distance from where she sat and observed it. It was 93 feet away from her. The creature was observed near the bugwhacker and she felt it was approximately the same height or very close to it. It was measured at six feet seven inches in height.

Its arms were longer than a human and it was built like a football player. No breasts were observed and it was black in color. She couldn't see the feet or legs well due to low light. She could tell that its shoulders were wider than its waist. At no time did it appear to notice her. Had she not looked up when she did she would not have seen it. It made no noise. She was very concerned her husband might not believe her but she eventually told him. She also told her brother and both men believed her. I asked her if she thought there was a chance that it was a guy in a monkey suit.
She laughed at me. (That was good because she was obviously nervous through much of the conversation.)

Much of our conversation had to do with generalities regarding sasquatches. It was apparent to me that she was still very shaken when she spoke. One of her major concerns besides personal safety was that people wouldn't believe her. She said she was close to not wanting to discuss her experience. But after our exchange she agreed to allow this report to be published in case it can help others. She also feels better about the experience and hopes that she may have another chance to see one, although from a distance. .

From the characteristics that she added, (general description of the area), it is evident that she saw a sasquatch near a ravine behind her property. No muzzle (like a bear) was seen and it walked similar to a person but slightly hunched over. Its face was more rounded but due to distance, low light (enhanced by the bugwhacker) and dark features, no details were noticeable.