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Report # 688  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, January 1, 1998.
A teenage girl witnesses a female bigfoot steal meat from a cooler

YEAR: About 1970

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Marion County

LOCATION DETAILS: A logging camp east of Detroit Lake (Marion County, Oregon). The lake is about 40 miles ESE from Albany, OR, on State Highway 20, which crosses the Cascades to Bend, OR.

OBSERVED: Chloe had been taken by her father to his logging camp at Detroit Lake. She was sleeping in a large, wooden floored tent in a room of her own. During the night she was awakened by noise and opened the inner door to the front porch, being separated from it by a full-length screen door. She was wearing a long T-shirt. At the other end of the porch, about 15-20' away, a sasquatch was standing in front of the open cooler door with a 20 lb. piece of meat, that had been brought to camp on the preceding day, clamped under its arm. The light in the cooler illuminated the creature fully and she described it as female with "normal-sized" breasts and reddish-brown short fur. She estimated its height to be about 6'6". The sasquatch looked at her, but neither of them moved. After some, seemingly considerable time Chloe screamed, to which the sasquatch did not react. The men in the tent began to jump out of bed and the sasquatch left with the meat. The men spilled out onto the porch and followed the receding figure with several flashlights. Its foot prints were about 14" long. The food in the cooler had obviously been searched through, but was left in rather orderly condition. Previously a bear had gotten into the same cooler and had made a mess of its contents. Chloe's father had seen a sasquatch some weeks earlier, when it was crossing the road in front of his car headlights just after dusk ("it scared him"). There were many reports of sightings in the area at the time.

ENVIRONMENT: A large, wooden floored tent with some separate rooms, inhabited by loggers. One side of the tent had a full-length porch, on which stood a large cooler with its electric compressor, powered by a camp generator elsewhere.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

Witness, Chloe S., is now a Social worker, was then a 16-year old.

Although the cooler contained a variety of vegetables and fruits, the sasquatch selected and kept the meat only. The door to the cooler had been opened in normal fashion by the handle rather than torn off bear-fashion. The relaxed response of the sasquatch to the girl brings up the question of whether a sasquatch recognizes a human female as such and responds in a different fashion to her, perhaps as a function of the sex alone or different body language conveyed by women (or children, for that matter. Compare the Yacolt sighting report). I explored this possibility by way of John Green's records. We segregated the sightings into male and female human observers, singles, couples, and groups and indexed them against the length of their encounters. The time difference between male and female encounters with a sasquatch did not differ. On the other hand, it may not mean very much, because John mentioned that his database did not record as to who broke off the encounter. Hence, if there is a systematic difference in the readiness with which human observers, male or female, break off the meeting, then it would tell us nothing about sasquatch behavior, only about that of the observers.