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Report # 730  (Class A)
Submitted by witness E.C. on Thursday, January 8, 1998.
Sighting by Five witnesses of a large, humanoid form.

YEAR: 1996


STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Okaloosa County

LOCATION DETAILS: Valparaiso, Florida. 2 miles North on Hwy. 85. Border of Eglin AFB reservation. Okaloosa Cty. Fla

NEAREST TOWN: Valparaiso


OBSERVED: At Dusk, 4 people and myself witness a comotion in woods nearby. Sounds as if something large is approaching. As it gets closer we see a large humanoid form and flee. This thing is big, upright, and does not respond to yelling at. All witnesses flee in panic. Ages of witnesses ranged from 25 to 35.

ALSO NOTICED: Just your typical fall day at dusk, clear skies, temp around 75 degrees.

OTHER WITNESSES: Witnesses and self were parked on sandy dirt road trying to find a road out of area when commotion ocured.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine swamp. Lowlands with gullies and creeks. Railroad tracks do run through the area. Eglin AFB boundry nearby. Dense woods for miles with few roads. Elevation approx. 80ft. above sea level.