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Report # 75464  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 27, 2023.
Multiple witness daylight motorist sighting at bike trail half mile west of Fort Ancient

YEAR: 2023

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 22


COUNTY: Warren County

LOCATION DETAILS: The sighting was [approx 120] yards north of State Route 350 on the Loveland Bike trial. Approximately three miles south of Oregonia, Ohio.

[Investigator (MM) Notes:
GPS coordinates for approximate spot where the figure was standing:

39.408358, -84.100058


NEAREST ROAD: 5701 State Route 350

OBSERVED: As we were driving along State Route 350 toward State Route 123 south of Oregonia, we came to the Loveland Bike Trail that runs next to the Little Miami River.

As I slowed down near bike path crossing, we looked out the passenger side of the car and saw a large black figure standing [a distance] up the bike path, facing the river, while it was snowing.

The ground was covered with at least three inches of snow so it didn't appear that someone would be on the bike path biking or walking the trail. The weather was not ideal for anyone to be hunting or walking on the path at that time.

The figure appeared to have come from the woods and was walking toward the river.

It was difficult to estimate the size of the figure when they saw it. It didnít appear to be a hunter as they would have been wearing an orange vest, or at least an obvious clothing pattern.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three additional witnesses (my wife, teenage son and teenage daughter). We four were in the car and saw the figure in the distance, standing on the bike path.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, I have heard of people saying they have seen Bigfoot around the Ft. Ancient/Little Miami River, but nothing from an official government source.

Cloudy and snowing with three inches of snow on the ground.

ENVIRONMENT: [Investigator Notes]

In this vicinity the road is curvy and has many steep and sudden inclines and declines.

The figure was on the bike trail in a wooded area on the North side of the road. On the South side of the road there is a business with two different entrances and exits. That business is seasonal (Morgan Canoe Livery). It was closed for the winter. The entrances and exits were closed by gates and chains with large locks. No one could enter the parking lot.

Less than 200 yards to the west of the bike trail crossing there is a public parking area for the bike trail. That parking lot is accessible year-round.

The bike path runs parallel to the Little Miami River. The specific area of the sighting is flat but in a river valley. There is an irrigation ditch running parallel to the trail on the east side.

If the figure approached the bike trail from the east side, it would have been coming from a thickly wooded hollow called Randall Run, which is perpendicular to the bike trail.

The area is covered by woods on either side of the path where the figure was standing. There are oak, birch, pawpaw, and maple trees with very few evergreen nearby.

The temperature was right around the freezing point (32 F).

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Wesley Ruth:

The witness stated that on Sunday, January 22, 2023, around 2:30 PM, he was driving with his wife, daughter, and son, westbound on State Route 350 near Oregonia.

While coming up on the crossing for the bike trail he looked out the front passenger window and saw a large black figure standing on the bike trail a distance away. The figure was tall, consistently black in color. It was facing west toward the river.

Upon seeing the figure, the witness alerted his wife, daughter, and son, all of whom looked out the passenger side windows to the north to see the figure. The wife initially thought the figure was a person who had just come out of the woods from the east, heading west, which would have been facing the same direction that the vehicle was traveling.

The vehicle had slowed down as it approached the bike trail but did not stop. The sighting lasted less than ten seconds before the figure was no longer in view.

There was approximately three inches of snow on the ground. Other than the dark figure, there was no one else walking or biking on the trail. No tracks of any type crossing the highway.

At noon on Saturday, February 4, 2023, I met the witness and his son where the sighting was occurred.

The witness and his son stood along the north side of the bike trail intersection with State Route 350. I walked north on the trail until the witnesses stated that I was near the location where the figure was standing at the time of the sighting.

Using a laser rangefinder I determined the figure was standing approximately 120 yards up the bike trail from the road.

Using a colored shirt on a stick, I raised the shirt slowly until the reporting witness and his son determined that the shirt was at the approximate height of the figure. That height was approximately seven foot, six inches.


Matt Moneymaker notes:

There are nine (9) separate credible sightings within 15 miles of this location, including some on the bike trail itself. There is at least one sasquatch in that vicinity year round.

This report points to something observed elsewhere in similar conditions:

While snow is actually falling (and a few inches of snow accumulated) sasquatches seem to be much less concerned about being spotted by vehicles near a road, even in broad daylight.

My speculation: Sasquatches are aware of the tracks they will leave behind in snow. They probably know their tracks will soon be erased if they are walking in shallow snow while the snow is still coming down.

With their thick fur they can stay warm even if snow is falling on them, provided there is very little wind. Cold wind disrupts the furry insulation layer.

That day was cold and cloudy, but with very little wind in the river basin.

More speculation: Sasquatches probably also know there will be no hikers or bicyclists on the bike trail while snow is coming down.

About BFRO Investigator Wesley Ruth:

Wes is a B.S. Ed graduate (licensed to teach Science & Mathematics) from Ohio University.

Attended Southern Ohio BFRO expeditions including:
Spring 2019, Spring & Fall 2021, Spring & Fall 2022

Also, four expeditions outside of the BFRO, numerous outings, and participates in research and investigations.