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Report # 7604  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, December 20, 2003.
Possible bigfoot activity near Walker County line.

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 15

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Houston County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy 19 in Trinity to FM 230 to Eastham prison to property across the road.



OBSERVED: While letting my two dogs out to use bathroom there were deeps screams/clacking of wood and sounds like trees breaking. 12/15/03. Something carried off deer feed bucket made a big mess out at feeder area. This is ongoing noise as this house is in a very remote area of woods/creek/pond and deep ravines. My horses were so spooked from the screams that they were running into the fences I had to calm them down. This house sits in the middle of the 30 acres wooded area.

ALSO NOTICED: Sounded like they were fighting, breaking trees and bushes. Which later looks like they were eaten off.

OTHER WITNESSES: No just dogs and horses.

OTHER STORIES: NO. I am scared. I am worried they could hurt me or my horses or my dogs.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 230 am after I worked evening shift, I came home late and after entering the house to let the dogs out I heard screams and deep throaty sounds like two somethings were fighting with each other.

ENVIRONMENT: Forested/creek/pond had been empty for two years before I moved into it. House is in a remote area that has numerous wildlife.

Follow-up investigation report:

I interviewed the witness at length on her property and I inspected the area extensively. Just inside the woods, about forty yards from her house, where the witness stated that the activity and vocalizations took place, I did find some small, green trees that had been twisted and broken, along with some branches that had had the bark stripped off. I could find no tracks, nor could I find any hair or scat. There were scuff marks in the soil, but I could not identify the source of the scuffs. In my opinion, the area did appear to visibly match the description given by the witness. The witness described the sounds as lasting for approximately one-half hour before finally ceasing. During the time, the witness placed a call to her sister and held the phone so the sister could hear the sounds as well.

The witness and I went deep into the woods surrounding her house and found some small trees that appeared to have been twisted and broken. We went to the creek area and looked extensively around in the area - there were no indications of sasquatch that we could find.

Conclusion: The witness did experience something that she considered unusual that morning, but it was impossible to say for sure that sasquatches were the culprits. The area is indeed quite conducive to sasquatch activity, and is a football field away from Walker County (BFRO has several reports from Walker County). I did stay into the evening and listened intently with a bionic ear, but heard nothing of any consequence. I told the witness to call me day or night if she hears or sees anything that she thinks may be related to sasquatch. She assured me that she would.

Addendum: 8 January 2004 - 1736, dusk. The witness called me and stated that she had just been out feeding the cat when she heard two very distinct, very high-pitched screams, that seemed to be answering each other "down in the woods." She said the vocs were "very loud and very high-pitched" and were quite disconcerting. The witness said that the vocalizations lasted for maybe 20 seconds. She said she attempted to call me while the screams were still ongoing, but they ceased before she could reach me on the phone. The witness went on to say that she was going to sit out on the porch with her phone and her small tape recorder. Should another outburst occur, she would be ready. She said the screams would have been audible to me on the phone had she been able to reach me in time. I told her to call me day or night - and if I can't get to the phone, record it on my voice mail.

I received no calls from the witness for the rest of the evening.

It is my hope to return to the site very soon. Any updates will be made here as necessary.