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Report # 832  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, February 21, 1998.
Witnesses spot a tall, brown object moving on a hill, also reported are moans and a sighting where red eyes are described

YEAR: 1980


MONTH: November

DATE: 15

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Pickens County

LOCATION DETAILS: In and around Aliceville, AL., in Pickens County. Both my sightings were near Lubbub Creek, which runs into Dead River and from there to the Tombigbee River.

NEAREST TOWN: Aliceville

OBSERVED: First, my friend Mike and I, along with two girls, were at the city park and heard it from bellow from the hill behind us. Three days later we went back again and this time I saw it. I thought it was a tall pole but it looked to be wavering in the breeze that was blowing. I called Mike over to look but it wasn't there. Then it caught my eye. We saw it walking up the hill where we had heard it earlier. My second sighting was at our family farm, three miles away from the first sighting. I and my friend Bill rode out to the farm that evening to check on things since nobody lived in the house there. As we turned into the driveway the headlights swung, and there it stood, stepping over a 5 strand barb wire fence. It had its hands on the top wire and was swinging its leg over. Its eyes glowed in the light like an animals. We left in a hurry.

OTHER WITNESSES: In all instances, just talking.

OTHER STORIES: Other sightings and stories of hearing strange moaning or bellowing have been talked about for years.


ENVIRONMENT: Heavy woods cover Pickens County. Dead River is heavily wooded and also swampy.