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Report # 841  (Class A)
Submitted by witness R.M. on Friday, December 1, 2000.
Boy has several late night encounters near Sidney

YEAR: 1982


MONTH: November


COUNTY: Shelby County

NEAREST TOWN: between Piqua and Sidney

NEAREST ROAD: River rd. and kirkwood Rd.

OBSERVED: It was the fall of 1982. I was 14 and my mother, Sister and I were driving home from town. We lived about 5 miles from town and it was late about 10:00 pm. We were about 2 miles from the house when we saw somthing in the head lights of the car. It looked like a large hairy person on it's hands and knees chasing somthing small across the road like a feild mouse. I said, What is that? My mom had to slow down to keep from hitting it and when we were about 15 to 20 feet away it got up on its hind legs like a man about 6'6" to 7' tall and walked quickly off the road in to the night in 2 steps.

My mom drove quickly home and told my dad what we had seen. He said it was just a large dog or something but there was no way it could have been a dog. My mom said not to say anything more about it to anyone because people would think that we were nuts.

About a month later we were coming home from town about 10:00 pm. we had an old garage that set off away from the house that the side door was always open and had a bad smell inside it like rot, but we could never find anything that might cause the smell witch would come and go. The loft of this old garage had always had piles of nuts ever since we moved in. We always kept a house key hanging inside of the door frame on a nail.

I got out of the car first and went up to get the key, when I reached around inside the door something pushed passed me in the dark. I got the key and stood back to see what looked like my dad who is a big man wearing his carhart coveralls, coat, stalking hat and gloves walking out into the yard about 35 feet away. A security light was in the distance on the other side so all I could see was a dark outlined shadow of a large person walking slowly away.

Since my father is a vary large man, I thought it was him so I said, Are you going out to get the newspaper? when I said that it turned and looked at me in a way that kind of made me feel uneasy then continued walking away. I figured he didn't understand me so I unlocked the house and went in side with my mom and sister coming in after they got some things out of the car.

When I got in the house I found my father asleep in his chair and realized what I must have just seen was the same thing that we saw crossing the road about a month before and was suddenly scared and after I thought about it our dog that was half wolf did not even get out of his doghouse to greet us when we got home and he would have been raising hell if a stranger was on the property.

Years later I saw the patterson film footage on T.V. and a chill came over me because it looked something like what I had seen walking accross the yard a couple of years before and thought that there was no way something like that could be in Ohio. Then I started reading on your web page about other sightings in Ohio and the the one in Tipp city and St. Marys Ohio wich is on both sides of us.

So to check my memory I have resently asked my mother if she remebered that time when we saw somthing crossing the road and she got a real sober look on her face and confirmed what we seen. This has been a haunting memory that has been forever etched into my mind.

ALSO NOTICED: Bad smell in the garage would come and go. Some times you would just feel like you were being watched when you were out side and have heard what sounded like foot steps in the pitch dark.

OTHER WITNESSES: First sighting there was three but one did not see any thing
second sighting only I witnessed it

OTHER STORIES: I have spoke to some local friends who hunt in this area and a the men told me that they were hunting deer over by houston during the day when they heard some really load screams and growls that scared these long time hunters so bad that they left the woods walking back to back with there guns up and ready, they both said that they did'nt know what it was but it sounded really mad that they were in the woods.

Another freind is a coon hunter said that he seen what looked like something very large stepping out of the woods and watching him from a distance

These are all life long hunters who are not easly spooked.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: They was fairly a dark clear cold nights.


Follow-up investigation report:

I talked at length with the witness. No further details can be added to the report.