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Report # 8502  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, April 19, 2004.
New driver frightened into screaming as he passes huge creature walking along road

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: St. Croix County

LOCATION DETAILS: County road K going out of New Richmond takes you to 170th Street (where my parents live). There is a river, a small pond/marsh, RR tracks, nearby. This is about 3/4 of a mile off K on 170th.

NEAREST TOWN: New Richmond (6 miles)

NEAREST ROAD: 170th stree (driving on)

OBSERVED: I was driving my car near my house. The road curves a bit, then you go up a small hill, and as I as coming down the small hill near the RR crossing I saw a HUGE, 7-8 foot, 300-400lb, creature walking with its back to me on my side of the road. It was silvery white/grey with dark grey roots and grey patches. It had very broad shoulders and almost no neck. I dont think its head was pointed. It was almost leisurely walking down the road. I was so scared, I didnt know whether to stop, honk, or turn around, so i kept driving.

As i got closer I started to scream in terror, The closer I got the louder and more terrified my screams became. I remember seeing a cowlick on its back. At the intersection of K and 170th (road I was on) I stopped for a minute, hyperventilating and full of adrenaline. I wanted to turn a car over or serioulsy hurt something. I was so scared, and angry (must have been the adrenaline). I didn't dare look in my rearview, because if I saw its face, I would have had a heart attack.



OTHER STORIES: I can't believe i didn't relate these events. About a year prior, my cousin and I were camping at my parents house (on the same river, downstream from above incident). Around 11, above the wind we could hear branches and twigs breaking. We brushed it off, then came a small ker-sploosh in the river. Five minutes later came another ker-sploosh. My cousin (12) got scared and I was trying to be brave. I knew i was being watched, beacuse I was trying to act normal, but was very scared. We stayed up and talked to try and dissipate the fear, I guess. about 45 minutes later, as we were dozing off, a loud CRASH and a THUMP! like a tree full of leaves falling to the ground. We were a half mile from my parent's house. We both bolted, full of fear. My cousin had no shoes on, I raced to put mine on, and we ran in the complete dark. (It was a cloudy and slighty breezy night, but really warm, early summer 1994 or so). I couldnt see my hand in front of me and yelled at my cousin to stop. We were both so scared, and when we got to the house, we couldn't talk or even think of sleeping. The house is full of large windows and we couldnt take our eyes off the floor. I KNEW something was watching us. My dad yelled at me a few days later for not cleaning up our campsite, but there was no way I was going down there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I remember it was a clear, starry night. The weather was in the 40's-50's at night

ENVIRONMENT: There is mostly farmland and prairie, but along the river (Apple River, I believe) there are pine forests and other trees, and some larger forests. My sighting was very near the river (about 300 feet or so), and very near a small pond and RR tracks.

Follow-up investigation report:

In two phone interviews with the witness I learned more about the sighting he briefly describes in his report. It was quite an extraordinary encounter for him, that became clear as I listened to him tell his story.

As the witness suggests, the sighting really frightened him. He told me that as he approached the creature, which was just off the road walking parallel to it, it became increasingly clear that it wasn’t a man, and then that it definitely wasn’t, that it was a huge hair-covered creature, and he started screaming. But neither his car rolling past – closely past – nor his screaming seemed to bother the creature. It showed no reaction to him passing by at all.

The witness’s description of the creature:
• It was “huge.” He used that word several times in telling me about it.
• The color was interesting, seemingly very light – gray/silver/white – and he got the impression the hair color was somewhat darker closer to its body. He thought the cowlick he mentions might have revealed that, because roots of the hair showed somewhat there.
• The cowlick was striking to him. It was at the top of the creature’s back at the base of its neck. Otherwise the animal was “sleek,” he said. The hair was not more than two or three inches long and lay close to the body so he could see its muscles and strong build well. The color did not vary over the creature's body and it was entirely (his view was only of the animal’s back side) covered in hair.
• The shoulders were very large and the waist was narrow; “Its upper body was like a triangle,” the witness said. And when I asked if it looked healthy he said, “Oh yeah.”
• When I asked the witness to speculate on the animal’s gender, he said he’d guess male, and thought it seemed masculine.
• He described the head, which he saw only from behind, as being set quite low and forward on the shoulders. It didn’t have much of a neck, he said. And he didn’t think the head had any kind of a point at the top (he’d recently read some other BFRO report indicating pointed heads).

The witness, a man in his middle twenties, (and in his middle teens at the time – he’d recently gotten his drivers license), was very believable to me. His reaction to seeing such a creature – in the dark, by himself – was to freak out. He said he pulled over shortly after the sighting and just roared from the jarring anxiety the experience caused him. And then he told no one about it. He couldn’t quite articulate why for me, but for some reason he just put the experience aside and didn’t think much about it until recently, when he stumbled onto the BFRO web site.

When I asked if he was certain about it, he said he absolutely was; he saw that huge, nearly white creature and he’s sure it was a real animal – it was not someone in a suit. “It looked like a great big monkey,” he told me.

It’s interesting to note that in 2000, and also in the spring, a big “gray” creature was seen near Granton, Wisconsin, which is about 100 miles east of where this sighting occurred. In 1972 near Willow River, Minnesota (about 100 miles north of this sighting), two white creatures were seen.