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Report # 8591  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 3, 2004.
Oil well owner and rig hand have road crossing encounter.

YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Muskogee County

LOCATION DETAILS: A creek where the creature crossed the road and a Federal WPA water impoundment a 1/4 mile to the West.


OBSERVED: A hairy bi-pedal creature carrying a calf or deer carcass over its left shoulder crossed the road from East to West, approximately 150 yards in front of my pick-up truck during a brief rain storm. A part-time rig hand with me in the truck also witnessed the creature. The following day we found several partial footprints along the creek bank on the West side of the road. We lost the tracks after 10-15 yards in the dense undergrowth.

ALSO NOTICED: [It was] about 7-8 feet tall, thin and lanky weighing approximately 400 pounds. It was covered in what appeared to be dark brown or black hair, it was carrying a deer or calf carcass over its left shoulder which obstructed a clear view of its face. I had a sighting about thirty years ago in Nebraska which is posted with the BFRO (see BFRO Report #1379). This creature was much thinner and not as robust as the creature I encountered in Nebraska. The stride was distinctly non-human. The next day we found several partial prints in the mud and gravel of the creek bank.

OTHER WITNESSES: We had been working on my oil well servicing unit pulling a well, I had a part-time rig hand with me and we were returning to Tulsa, we avoid working on the rig during storms and lightning.

OTHER STORIES: The usual country "hocus pocus" and local boogieman folklore, although there is a posting on the BFRO website for Muskogee County, Oklahoma, that incident is within a few miles and on the same Cloud Creek drainage basin, in Western Muskogee County, Oklahoma.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 4:00 pm. Gusty winds with a squall line of brief heavy rain.

ENVIRONMENT: This is a mature oil field in a sparsely settled agricultural and ranching environment, there are lots of coyotes, bobcats, badgers, owls, whippoorwills, snakes, and assorted country critters. The entire area is composed of small working cattle operations around a half section or so in size. The area is rolling hay meadows with section line roads every mile or so, with the occasional blind section. The area the creature came from is owned by one of the larger landowners (now deceased), and is less developed than the adjoining acreage. The area it crossed into is perhaps the most inaccessible acreage in the region.

Follow-up investigation report:

This report was originally submitted to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center.

I spoke to both witnesses involved in this encounter at separate times. I found both men to be very credible and they were both seemingly honest and factual in their account of the event.

The witness who submitted the report had actually had a previous encounter in the state of Nebraska back in the 1970's (see Report #1379). Even so, the encounter he had in Oklahoma was no less spectacular to him, even though it was at a greater distance and for a shorter period of time.

Both witnesses described the encounter as lasting only "two or three seconds." They both described the animal as coming out of a ditch, quickly crossing the road, and disappearing into a creek bed. Later, at the area of the crossing, they looked for tracks. They saw where the animal had gone into the bed and left some tracks, albeit not totally distinguishable.

Both men dismissed the possibility that the animal was human, coyote, cow, bobcat, dog, etc. Both men said that if they had to choose an animal, Bigfoot would be the creature that they saw that day.

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