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Report # 958  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 30, 1989.
Family find fresh, barefooted, humanlike footprints.

YEAR: 1994


MONTH: October


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Wynoochee Dam area. Weather Wax Ridge Approx. 3,500 ft. elev.

OBSERVED: My brother and I along with our wives have never told anybody of the following story. Only our immediate family knows and in fact a cousin has prompted me to submit this story now. My brother and I along with our wives decided to take a weekend drive up to Wynoochee Lake. We were driving in separate vehicles.

When we finally reached the Dam we found that the light rain had started turning to snow. We all decided it would be fun to drive to a higher elevation so we could get out of the slush and enjoy a better view. We noticed that a Ranger in the area had just opened the seasonal locked gate that takes you up to Weather Wax peak. NOBODY had yet drove up this road for at least 6 months. The Ranger had only unlocked the gate and drove away. (His truck tracks in the snow showed this, and it was the 1st of Oct. which is the day the gate is opened as posted.)We drove all the way to the top where the snow was approx. 8" deep. While we were driving along the top East side of the ridge my wife suddenly said "Stop the Truck". She pointed out some strange tracks that came out of the timber down a steep bank across the road and down into a VERY steep draw.

My brother and I got out to look at the tracks and could not believe our eyes. I could not imagine anybody walking around way up here and in this kind of weather. The tracks were very fresh and the falling snow had not yet distorted them. Looking closer we could easily make out toes and heal prints. They were very large both in length and width. It was very obvious that these tracks where just made.

My brother walked up the bank and had to nearly jump from track to track to make the stride! It wasn't until we walked over to the other side of the road and looked down into where this thing went that fear started settling in. My wife began to get upset and wanted to leave right away. We could tell the tracks were very fresh and decided to get back in our trucks and leave. We talked about what we saw all the way back home and for the next couple of weeks. About 6 or so months later we were astonished to hear of Bigfoot searchers with helicopters based at the dam. They were even on national TV! We had not told anyone our story and this had reinforced our belief this was a bigfoot.

ALSO NOTICED: At the time my brother and I both worked in law enforcement. A friend who is also a Police Officer had told me that there was a team of experts up at the Dam with helicopters searching for Bigfoot evidence. This was approx. 6 months after our encounter with the tracks.

OTHER WITNESSES: Enjoying a ride in the mountains.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was snowing fairly heavy at approximately the 3,500 ft level.

ENVIRONMENT: This was on Weather Wax Ridge, just East of Wynoochee Dam.

A & G References: Pg. 60, A3