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Report # 9867  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 26, 2004.
Deer hunters have morning encounter on hunting lease

YEAR: 2004


MONTH: November

DATE: 7th /Nov

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Rusk County


NEAREST ROAD: about 5 miles from 259

OBSERVED: I climbed out of my deer stand at about 9:30 because we had to look for a deer my cousin had shot late the evening before that we could not find because of the thick brush and darkness. Well I cut thru the brush, down across the creek and got about 200-300 yards from my cousin's stand when I heard my Uncle yell something at me. I couldn't hear what he said so I yelled back for him to keep talking so I could get his direction. I got about 100 yard from him. I couldn't see him yet but I could hear him. He said there's a gorilla over here in the tree looking at me. I told him he was crazy. He said there really is, come and look. So when I got to him he said it again. I asked him was he drinking in his stand. He said no come around here and look. So we walked from down below my cousin's stand around to the side of it in the oat patch. I looked up in the tree he showed me with my binoculars and I saw something but I couldn't tell what it was because my binoculars are small and one side is kind of messed up. So I used my rifle scope. At between 100-150 yards away I had my cross hairs right on its chest. It had orange-brown hair all over its body except around its eyes and mouth area. It stood straight up in the fork of the tree with it arms down to its side. It didn't look like a gorilla. It was about 6ft tall but it was hard to tell [for sure] at that distance. I told my Uncle let's walk over there and see what it does. So we got about 75 yards from it and I looked down and then back up and it was gone. We walked over by the tree that it was in and the only tracks I found was where something landed real heavy on its heels and seemed to walk heavy on the heels. The smell was the worst the I ever smelled. We looked down through the woods to a line of oak trees and saw two figures in the trees about 300yards out moving around.

Oh I forgot to tell you my Uncle said that there was what seemed like a female on the branch over the male but when I got there it was gone. We watched them for about 20 minutes and then went back down to get the deer which I did find on the way up from the creek. We kept an eye out for what ever it was and the male did come back to the tree and then left as we where pulling the deer up to the road.

Everybody thinks we're crazy but I don't care I know I saw something I've never seen in the zoo or in the woods before. Maybe next time I'll have pictures with my new spycam.

ALSO NOTICED: My Uncle only noticed it because it stretched its arms out and he said they where very long.

OTHER WITNESSES: My Uncle saw it first.

OTHER STORIES: Everybody that has hunted there has seen, smelled or heard something but they always thought it was a bear because they where too far away and just barely caught sight of it. There have probably been about 5 or 6 people that have seen it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 10:00am clear morning.

ENVIRONMENT: Piney but they have cut trees down all around the area on this land. They were cut down about 6-7 years ago. A mile down the road they cut them down over the summer.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with both witnesses separately and at length about this particular sighting. The men may well have seen juvenile sasquatches in the tree.

The nephew told me that what he saw reminded him somewhat of an orangutan, but also seemed human-like. The uncle stated that just prior to the nephew arriving at his deer stand, there had been another creature in the tree that was somewhat smaller than the one the nephew saw. Both creatures were reddish-brown in color with dark skin and long hair.

Once the nephew joined his uncle, both men watched the one animal through rifle scopes for minutes while it stood in the tree seemingly staring right at them. The nephew described the one animal’s face as being “like an old man.” The animal seemed to have a height of five or six feet, and the other one seen only by the uncle was shorter, perhaps only four feet in height. Both animals were bipedal, and did not give any indications of quadrupedal locomotion. The uncle stated that he saw the hands and feet of the animals and described both as being “kinda like a human’s.” The men expressed surprise that the animals were in the trees and were small.

The men told me that what they saw is not something they are inclined to talk about because “people will laugh and think you’re crazy.” It is for this reason that the uncle has never reported anything that has happened to him in the past, even though over the last four years, he has come to expect having some sort of encounter on the property.

The uncle has hunted the property for ten years, but only the last four years has he experienced unusual circumstances. In the past, his deer stands were turned over, and totally destroyed by some unseen and unknown vandal, though he believes the creatures perpetrated the act. He said he has found large human-like tracks on several occasions through the years. Once, he found a peculiar set of three-toed tracks. All other tracks that he has seen had five toes. The uncle mentioned that he may have seen a larger, black-colored animal from a distance a few years ago. The sighting was fleeting and at the time, he thought he may have seen a bear, but now, he thinks it may have been a large sasquatch.

The uncle also told of one incident when his granddaughter accompanied him on the property but stayed in the truck while he tended to the property. When he returned to the truck, the granddaughter told him that “a monkey” had peered at her through the window of the truck.

The property is approximately two miles from the Panola County line and the closest rivers are the Sabine and the Angelina. The men have put cameras out in an attempt to gain photos of the animals. I have been invited to the property. I will post updates as warranted.