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Report # 9879  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 27, 2004.
Two sisters have late-night sighting through bedroom window

YEAR: 1960's

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Morris County

NEAREST TOWN: Daingerfield

OBSERVED: Just wanted to acknowlege that myself & my sister sighted a bigfoot, or what looked like one in the 60s in East Texas at my grandparents home in the Piney woods. It was in the summer and we could see out the bedroom window. There was a full moon and we heard something step on branches or twigs. We looked out the window and saw a big, hairy animal and my grandfather knocked the screen out of the window and shot. The animal bellowed or roared. About that time we heard him running and saw him clear the barb wire fence that separated the pasture from the area around the house. He cleared that fence, just practically stepped over it and there was a creek on down the pasture area, Boggy Creek, it was a spring creek with lots of pine and cedar trees. We had a lynx or bobcat on that creek, too. This animal had lots of hair and looked somewhat like an ape but was walking tall and upright, he had his back turned to us, we were simply looking out my bedroom window at the creature, but he was huge, around 7 foot tall I would say and I had 20-20 vision at that time. I was a teenager and my sister, Mary, was 4 years younger. I don't remember my exact age or hers, or the year, either, but definitely remember the incident. This happened at Bradfield Chapel in Daingerfield, Texas.

ALSO NOTICED: My sister and I were just talking, grandfather was asleep, it was late at night.

OTHER WITNESSES: My sister and my grandfather.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late at night and there was a full moon.

ENVIRONMENT: East Texas Piney woods. Lots of farms in that area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness by phone November 26, 2004. I found her to be a very credible witness and added a few details to her sighting.

Her grandparents' farm was located just a little south of Bradfield Chapel on a private road approximately 4 miles east of Daingerfield, Texas. The creek that flowed through the property flowed generally south to join Big Cypress Creek that flows into Lake O' The Pines approximately 10 miles south of the sighting. While the time of sighting was not remembered, it was after her grandparents had gone to sleep. She and her younger sister were sitting on their bed with the lights out just talking. It was a clear night with full moon making plenty of light for moving around in their room. Hearing footsteps crunching on twigs, they looked out to see this very large, about 7 feet tall, hairy animal walking on two legs in their yard. Her younger sister woke up their grandfather who ran to their room. Upon the grandfather seeing the animal, he quickly retrieved a rifle, kicked out the screen and fired. The animal let out a very loud bellow or roar sound and quickly ran away, still on two legs. The animal was large enough to step over the barbed wire fence without leaping or breaking stride. Grandfather put the screen back in the window that night. Next day everyone looked for sign of footprints, blood or anything and could find no sign of it.

Further details:

Yard was mowed grass leaving no sign of footprints.

On talking about it the next day, the grandfather was not sure if he hit the animal or not. Grandfather had no idea what the animal was and told the girls not to tell anyone about the incident.

Distance from window to the animal was about 45 feet.

The rifle was a .22 caliber. Like most farm homes, they kept the .22 loaded and ready for wild dog packs, coyotes, and other predators that would regularly try to make a meal of their animals. Grandfather's farm had plenty in the way of food source. They raised chickens, ducks, geese, cattle, horses, and hogs. It was not remembered if any animals were missing that night.

All agreed that he missed the animal. After the first shot, no other shooting was necessary as the animal was in flight at that time from all the commotion of running for the gun, kicking out the window screen, and firing the rifle. The shot was fired from inside the room making for a very loud report.

This incident had a very profound effect on the witness who up to this time was always playing in the surrounding woods. After this incident she was afraid to go into the woods or even ride her bicycle on the gravel road that leads to their farm.

Charles DeVore
Field Investigator, TBRC