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Report # 22539  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, December 26, 2007.
Roadside Sighting near Moody

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 18

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: St. Clair County

LOCATION DETAILS: there is a boys home about a half a mile on the right from were we saw this creature.


NEAREST ROAD: Cherokee rd.

OBSERVED: We were riding along cherokee road in Prescot, a comunity near Moody Al.when rounding a curve we saw what looked like an ape man but humanlike exept for the hair,which was all matted and was about 7ft tall and had long arms my wife and I turned around but it was gone.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife she was in the passenger seat and saw this creature also.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was at night,street lit but still dark,and it was hot weather.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment is a mountanous pine forrest,with several creeks around.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

The witness and his wife were returning home from a friend's house. As they rounded a curve, the creature was caught in their headlights. They stated that it was 25 - 30 feet away, on their left and stood facing them. It then turned quickly and ran bipedally a few steps to an embankment that was approximately 6 feet behind it. When it reached the embankment it scrambled up it on all fours. As they passed it, they turned their heads to look back but it was gone. They were in a state of shock. His wife asked - "What was that?" Although the encounter was very brief, they were able to make these additional observations:

- The eyes shone white in the headlights, like a deer.
- The hair on its head was shoulder length, while the body hair was only 1 - 2 inches long.
- The face was covered in hair, culminating in a beard.
- The body hair was matted and filthy looking.

The witness went back the following day to search for footprints, but could only find skid marks where it scrambled up the embankment.

About BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

Kevin Smykal is a mechanical contractor in northern Florida.
He attended the following BFRO expeditions: