DHS Squirrel

2024 Florida Bigfoot Expedition

February 8 - 11 (Thursday - Sunday)

The area of interest on the 2024 Florida trip will be an area where we had success in the past. Several participants heard distinct :"Ohio howl" type responses in one area -- the primary focus of that trip.

At a different location in the vicinity some distinct powerful wood knocks were heard coming from an island in a particular swamp late at night. They were responses to our knocks. That swamp location was recommended to us hours earlier by a Florida State Trooper who pulled us over on a lonely dark highway when he noticed in his rear view mirror that our red tail lights were all disabled.

We disabled our tail lights (removed the bulbs) on occassion in the past when we knew we would be turning off a highway onto dark dirt roads. When leaving the highway the drivers would turn off headlights and use nightvision scopes to see the their way in the dark.

 Disabling the tail lights allowed us to use the brakes without lighting up the woods around us. We could drive in darkness, thereby not alerting distant animals to our approach. On a later occassion this practice of driving with no lights through dark woods led to a panic attack with one of the backseat passengers -- comedian Bob Saget.  He didn't think it was very funny.

Anyway .... the Florida State Trooper on this particular night was amused and fascinated by our efforts. We obliged his request to re-install the bulbs in our tail lights, and then he told us "where [we] really need to be."  He wouldn't tell us exactly he heard there (maybe heard with his own ears ...), but he was very serious and emphatic about the location ... and he was right!!

 It was yet another fateful contact with law enforcement officers during an expedition that yielded key recommendations directing us to a much better location than the one we initially targetted.

While in that part of Florida on that prior trip we also heard from other locals about two more spots in the vicinity where incidents had occurred in the past.  So we have two likely spots, and two more possible spots, to investigate over the course of four days and three nights.

To reserve a slot for the February Florida expedition please read the Expedition FAQ page and follow the instructions.


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