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Report # 43598  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 6, 2014.
Early morning sighting through binoculars while bird watching in Waterton National Park

YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 17




NEAREST TOWN: Waterton, Alberta

NEAREST ROAD: Cameron Lake road

I had arrived at Waterton National Park from Medicine Hat on the 16th June 2011 and had camped for the night at the Crandall Campsite that evening (the location of a previous Sasquatch Sighting I believe). This was my first trip to the area and, as I was keen to birdwatch, I was up ready for first light on the 17th and headed towards Cameron Lake on a road which had just been opened due to excessive snow. This area had been recommended to me as it was a great place for Varied Thrush and Stellar’s Jay, two species I wanted to see. Having seen both species quickly in the lake car park I switched to look at a scree slope where I was told there was a chance of seeing Grizzly Bear. I was looking at the slope through my Swarovski ATM 80 scope and occasionally switching to the top of a local tree to watch a singing male varied Thrush. The sighting was just after first-light and the sun was still not in view; I had been listening to Varied Thrush singing in the dark.

As I was scanning the scree slope I noticed movement in a tree line and as I switch view I noticed a large animal move out of the trees and onto the slope. The slope was to my left on the road leading up to the lake car-park and I had pulled into a lay-by to view. Initial thoughts were ‘ Good Grizzly – that was quick’. Before I describe what I saw then I shall give you some background to myself. I was a complete sceptic when it came to the idea of an undiscovered bi-pedal ape wandering around North America and I thought the Patterson-Gimmlin Bigfoot was a man in a Gorilla Suit and the photos taken by Todd Standing et al where men dressed as Chewbacca. As a naturalist I found it inconceivable that Bigfoot could exist and not been found, photographed and perhaps collected for science.

The mammal walked out of the tree line on two legs – its movement was fluid and was most definitely not a bear walking. It was heading across the slope at a fast pace and appeared not to be concerned with the scree.

At this point I was in complete shock – I was looking at an animal which didn’t exist. My view was partially blocked by trees as it headed into the slope so I moved position quickly and looked at the animal through my Swarovski EL 10x50 binoculars leaving my scope where it was standing – I should have used the scope I know but the view was good and I was able to move whilst looking through my binoculars. It was my movement that probably alerted the creature to my presence and it moved behind a large boulder, ducking down as it did so and didn’t reappear – it either remained where it was or was able to move off without me seeing it. As it walked its arms were swinging but not overly so. I was in shock and remained for at least another hour trying to see it leave and talk myself into me seeing a Grizzly and not what it actually was. My distance to the animal is open to interpretation. I seem to remember being only 300 or so metres away but this may be more. Either way I was in view of the creature but did not see it look directly at me.



Large and bulky, perhaps seven and a half feet tall. Walked on two legs.


Dark Brown – much darker than the local Cinnamon Black Bears.


Didn’t notice the cone shaped head or the face but it had hair all over the top, side and back and appeared to be scraggy.


Bulky – like a silverback Gorilla. Hair covered with scraggy hair – unkempt appearance. Large shoulders and pectorals.


Swinging but not overly so. Long – appearing almost bizarrely too long in comparison to a human


Walked on two legs – legs appeared short.


Walked with purpose and fluidly and with no difficultly across the scree. Ducked down with ease – perhaps onto 4 feet (should I day 2 feet and 2 hands?).

I left after an hour and headed into Waterton for breakfast. As I sat in a café I was desperate to tell someone but did not do so. I have told no-one since apart from a brief outline of events as I introduced myself as a new member of NAWAC, an organisation I have just joined. My family are unaware – all three are sceptics and think I am barking mad as I watch bigfoot documentaries on TV and YouTube and devour every book available on the subject. I am now a true believer. I have spent hours talking myself out of this sighting but have failed to do so – I know what I saw and it wasn’t a bear. I am keen to return to North America and help out on a Sasquatch/Wood Ape expedition and intend to do so after I retire in 2 years.

ALSO NOTICED: Appeared to know I was present and took evasive action


OTHER STORIES: Keys - reported on the BFRO site

TIME AND CONDITIONS: First light - clear skies

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Cronin:

The witness has presented a very impressive report on several accounts. Firstly the witness is a long term member of the British military and, having served in several conflicts, currently a major in the British army, has excellent visual identification skills and awareness. The witness was at the location extremely early in the morning for bird watching and this would not be common for a person to be at this location at the time of the sighting. He had his binoculars with him and had thought that there was a chance he might see a bear at this time of year so even though he was birding he was keeping an eye open for larger creatures. He was able to see the creature for almost 30 seconds which for a sasquatch sighting is rare; he was therefore able to offer a detailed description of the creature and how it moved (see witness notes). However due to the viewing angle he was not able to get a good look at the face. The creature appeared to hide behind a rock for an extended time and in fact waited out the witness. There was a large stream between the witness and creature so the witness was unable to get any closer. Witness was not pre-disposed to sasquatch lore as he had only been in Canada for a few years.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Cronin:

Gary first became interested in sasquatch when he moved from Liverpool England to Calgary Canada in 1975. He soon came upon a book by a John Green and has been fascinated with the topic ever since. He has attended the 2007 Vancouver Island Expedition and the 2008 BC Coastal Expedition. He is in the field scouring the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies for evidence on a weekly basis. Gary was involved in organizing the 2009 and 2010 Alberta expeditions.