DHS Squirrel

2009 Alberta Expedition

Dates: July 16 - 19, 2009 (Thurs. - Sun.)

This will be the first BFRO expedition in Alberta, Canada.

It will be co-organized by the most active BFRO investigator in Alberta -- Gary Cronin. Cronin has found an excellent location less than three hours from Calgary. This was confirmed recently by the co-organizer from British Columbia -- Darcy Stoffregen. On April 20 Cronin and Stoffregen were scouting the target area outside Calgary and got a clear wood knock response in the distance -- a reliable indication of the presence of sasquatches.

At this time they are accepting requests for participation by non-members. You can contact them to inquire via email ( after you have read the Frequently Asked Questions about the expeditions.

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