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Important Notes:

The BFRO's PNW Newsletter will only be available on this web site, in this format. It is no longer e-mailed to anyone.

The Newsletter will not be updated on a consistent basis -- only when there is enough new information to justify a new volume.

Recently we've received a deluge of messages from people wanting to participate in BFRO PNW activities. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to those individual inquiries at this time. Our resources are limited and there are simply too many messages to respond to.

Not everyone can be accomodated in the remaining summer expeditions. We may open it up again in the future, but for now we can only accomodate the people who signed up for these trips so far.

Major sponsors are welcome any time, as are those who bring us these sponsors (Major sponsors will provide the necessary resources for us to accomodate more people on more expeditions).

We'd prefer not to charge individual participants any fees for these trips. You will be spending plenty of money on your own outdoor gear, if you don't already have these items. Keeping it all free, however, means we can only accomodate a limited number of people for now. When we have the resouces to accomodate more, we will indicate that on this page.

VOLUME III July, 2001

1. Skookum Meadow Expedition Report
Detailed summary of the 8-day expedition that led to the discovery of a sasquatch impression and the making of what has come to be known as the Skookum Cast.

VOLUME II June, 2000

1. Report on Gifford Pinchot Expeditions
Roster of attendees, highlights, photos, summary.

2. Recent Incidents in Pierce County, Washington
Remote area south of Tacoma is the focus of recent investigations.

3. Choosing Locations for Wireless Monitoring
A location in Western Washington illustrates what we are looking for.

4. Always Be Prepared
Tips to insure you will be ready when the evidence presents itself.

5. Would You Like to Sponsor an Expedition?
If you or your company would like to sponsor an expedition, please let us know. We will also consider taking corporate "team builder" groups on weekend trips in the best bigfoot/sasquatch areas.


1. Upcomming Pacific Northwest Expeditions
The BFRO's Jeff Lemley and John Frietas will be organizing several expeditions in the Pacific Northwest this summer.

2. Powell on the Wireless Wilderness Project
Preparing for electronic monitoring of wilderness areas.

3. Willow Creek, Calif. : Bigfoot Museum Grand Openning
You are invited to attend the openning of the new Bigfoot wing of the the Willow Creek - China Flat Museum.

4. Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence
Dr. Grover Krantz' latest publication -- a must read.

5. Field Investigation Near MT. Rainier
BFRO volunteers find tracks and hear vocalizations in the Mt. Rainier National Park.

6. Snohomish County Location
BFRO investigators have located possible recent activity northeast of Seattle.