Gifford Pinchot National Forest Expedition

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We will be in the Gifford Pinchot NF for the entire weekend. The objective is to obtain vocalization recordings. We will try to provoke vocal responses to previously recorded sounds which we will broadcast with a loudspeaker system. Various sounds will be used including vocalizations recorded in different states.

We need volunteers to maintain listening/veiwing posts throughout the coverage area. The coverage area is almost 20 square miles. We may get a response to a braodcast that cannot be heard clearly by those near the broadcast point, but may be audible to those further away. It is also possible that we will not get an audible response, but instead will provoke some movement closer to the broadcast point.

We would like to get as many BFRO volunteers involved in this trip as possible. Teams will consist of no more than 3 volunteers. Groups of 3 people or less tend to present a more benign presence, and consequently are more likely to experience activity in their immediate vicinity. Teams will be seperated by upwards of one mile from other teams.

Participants will need to bring their own CB Radio, or pair up with someone who has a CB.

Anyone who wishes to bring horses along is encouraged to do so. There are many square miles of terrain that are unaccessible by motor vehicle. A mounted team in these areas would be a great addition to the effort.

Participants may bring dogs, as long as they are well-trainied and obedient.

All of the broadcasting operations will take place at night, from approx. 9 PM until 3 AM or so, depending on activity. Teams can decide whether they want to camp out at their designated observation posts, or rejoin the group at a predesignated campsite. Teams who remain at their remote locations are far more likely to experience activity later in the night.

During the day, participants will be free to go on their own day hikes, or participate in some group investigations, such as looking for tracks in particular areas, etc.

The specifc location of the effort will not be released prior to that weekend.

If you would like to participate, please contact the BFRO's Jeff Lemely ( or Tom Powell (



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