The BFRO encourages you to donate book and DVD titles to your local school library or community library. Libraries will all accept and appreciate your contribution.


Book- Excellent for Elementay
School Libraries

DVD - For High Schools and
Universities: Conference
on Bigfoot Research with
Intro by Jane Goodall

DVD -- Documentary

"Legend Meets Science"

Book -- High School and above: Investigations and Classic Stories

Audio CD -- Adults Only (too scary for kids). Expedition Recordings from the California Sierras

Book -- All ages. Best collection of photos, sketches, etc.


Book -- Middle School and above: Sasquatches
in Alaska

Book -- A Canadian Wildlife
Ecologist's Perspective:
"North Americas Great Ape"
by Dr. John Bindernagel

Book -- The master work by
the late Dr. Grover Krantz

Book -- Middle School and above: Bigfoots
in Russia

Book -- Fiction for young adults written by a knowledgeable park ranger in the Redwoods

The Canadian classic:
"The Apes Among Us"


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