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Geographical Index > United States > Oregon > Baker County > Report # 650
Report # 650  (Class B)
Submitted on Saturday, February 5, 2000.
Hunting/fishing partner related to a friend he saw something over 6' stand on it's hind legs and quickly walk 40 to 50 yards near Hells Canyon

YEAR: 1995


MONTH: November

DATE: 15

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Baker County

LOCATION DETAILS: I am a little ruluctant to say exactly where this sighting occured. The person that gave me this information probably doesn't want a lot of people to know about it. I will give the exact location to an investigator if they wish to contact me.


OBSERVED: This sighting was told to me by a man that I have known for over 20 years. We have hunted and fished many times together over the years and I have never know him to tell tall tales. He is very respected in the community where he lives. He said that he had been cutting a load of firewood and was coming down a dirt road that goes from the bottom of the canyon on the Snake River and goes up into the timber. He said that it was hunting season and from one place on this road he could look down the mountain and he thought he could see a bear by a salt box. These salt boxes are put out by ranchers to put blocks of salt out for cattle. He said his intention was to shoot this bear so he hurried down the road in his pickup. There are many switch backs coming down this road and so at times he couldn't see this thing. When he finally could see it again he was about 400 yards from it. He said that it stood up on its hind legs and quickly walked about 40 to 50 yards where it went down into a steep creek bottom. He said that if it was a person that the person would have been dressed in dark brown or black clothing from head to foot all in one color. He said that it was over 6 foot tall. He also said that there were no other vehicles in this area and no other roads into this area. He said that he didn't stop and go look for foot prints and that he just kept on driving past the spot but with a very funny feeling about what he had just seen.

ALSO NOTICED: He was alone at the time.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This sighting occured in Hells Canyon. The terrain is very steep and has many lava rims through out this whole area. There are many creeks in this area. The whole area is cut by many creeks and each creek has cut a steep gully with many described as canyons. Extremely rough terrain. The upper reaches of this area has pine and fir forests. As you get lower down the canyon the vegetation is mainly brush and alders in the creek bottoms and grass covered hillsides all the way down to the Snake River which has formed this whole area. The upper reaches of this area go up to at least 8 or 9 thousand feet and go down to about 1800 feet on the river.