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Report # 737  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 15, 1999.
creature seen in an open field by witness.

YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Pasco County

LOCATION DETAILS: north central pasco county near crews lake.approx. 10 miles south of Pasco/Hernando county line. West of Hwy 41, north of SR 52.

OBSERVED: We were in an open field when we heard the creature first. It made sort of a howling/growling type of noise.We went towards the tree line where the sound came from. It was crouched down slightly and then stood up as we got close.It was about 8 feet tall. It then ran off, extremely fast, towards the swamp. We were all armed, but decided it would not be a good idea to follow it into the swamp. When we reached the spot it was at, we noticed it had shreaded the bark off the tree it was behind.

ALSO NOTICED: It seemed to be watching us for a while before it gave its position away. it ran off into the swamp when we tried to close in to see exactly what it was.
Curious at first, then when we relized what it was we decided to get the hell away from it.
It made a loud howling/moaning type sound. Started out pitched low, then went high, and then low in pitch again.

In 1988 or '89 we had an incident in the same area. At that time, there were 2 old abandoned houses out there. One of the houses was in better shape then the other. We were sitting inside this house one night when we heard something outside walking towards the house, through the high (5-6 ft. high) grass. Something then hit the side of the house, as if something was thrown at it. We left very quickly. The next day we returned to the house and saw the path where something had walked through the grass. Something had then either kicked in the wall under the window, or had stepped into the window and put it's weight down on the sill of the window and crumbled the dry wall.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: little fog but no rain

ENVIRONMENT: On edge of woodline near swampy marsh area. ground was slightly moist but firm.