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Pasco County, Florida



  • December 2011 (Class B) - Possible nighttime encounter experienced by campers in the West Tract of the Green Swamp Preserve
  • December 2010 (Class B) - Possible nighttime sighting while standing with friends outside a rural home near Wesley Chapel
  • March 2009 (Class A) - Man observes a bigfoot in his headlights near Holiday
  • November 2006 (Class A) - Boy sees large creature peering at him from behind a tree next to Cypress Creek Wellfield
  • July 2006 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by motorist near Land O'Lakes
  • Summer 1978 (Class B) - Man recalls childhood encounter near Hudson
  • June 1984 (Class A) - creature seen in an open field by witness.
  • 1981 or 1982 (Class A) - Man remembers observing a hairy, bipedal creature in the headlights of his car near Port Richey

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