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Report # 8778  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 1, 2004.
A possible sighting of the River Styx monster crossing a small clearing

YEAR: 2000


MONTH: October


COUNTY: Medina County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was north of the I-76 and Rt. 57 interchange approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile. It was west of Rt. 57 at a distance of 200 yards give or take. It was between River Styx Rd and Rt. 57.


NEAREST ROAD: Rt.57 and I-76

OBSERVED: I was returning from work in Akron. My route took me past a large open crop field on Rt. 57 near I-76 and Greenwich Rd. I glanced over to the west of Rt. 57 and saw a large very tall figure, completely covered in brown striding across a small clearing between patches of woods. It walked in very large strides and covered much of the clearing in a few seconds as I observed it while driving. It was probably 200 yards or more away. I thought that it was too tall for a man (it appeared maybe 7-9 feet tall) in coveralls and took much larger strides than a man could. I cannot totally remember the arms but they may have been swinging as it walked. I mused that it may have been a Bigfoot and forgot about the incident. I recalled this just recently and told my wife several weeks ago when we passed the field. I read your recent reports and was amazed that it was in the same area that I saw this large whatever on two legs. It is an area that a small creek runs through and farther to the North is River Styx, an area prone to flooding in the past and known for its wildlife back to the 1800s. It is being built up now and the woods are being removed for building lots and such, although at the time of this writing is yet a farmers field.

OTHER WITNESSES: I do not remember any other cars but there probably were. They would have had to be looking at the same direction at that moment. It was possible that someone else saw it.

OTHER STORIES: There have been several recent reports on your website in that area. There was a report on Poe Rd which is several miles north, and a couple miles west of the creek bottom.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This was in the evening, I left work and drove from Akron so probably 5 PM or so.

ENVIRONMENT: This is a very large crop field that has a small area of crop at the far end between patches of forest. It's near a creek bottom and swampy area.

Sighting location just northwest of Rt. 57 and River Styx Road.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness talked about the story of the River Styx monster that has been known for many years in Medina County. I first heard of this so called legend back in the early 80's from a family member that lived in the area. Supposedly, there is a large hairy creature that lives in the River Styx swamp area. He noted the alleged creature looked very large even at 200 yards away. When it crossed the opening between the two woodlines, its strides appeared to be enormous. Would have never made the report if it wasn't for report number Report #8587.

The sighting location can be seen in the distance right in the middle of the picture. The creature crossed the small open meadow between the two woodlines.