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Report # 8587  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 2, 2004.
A childhood encounter just outside of Wadsworth, Ohio
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YEAR: 1976


MONTH: September



COUNTY: Medina County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Wadsworth, take College Street west until it turns into Greenwich Road. Our property was on the right hand side. If you hit Mennonite Road, you went to far.


NEAREST ROAD: Greenwich Rd.

OBSERVED: I just read of a woman whom now is 39 and her sighting was in 1976. That blew me away, my sighting was the same year. I was 12 years old when my parents built our house right next to my grandparents, and then over a foot bridge to my great grandparents house. I had free run of the properties. They went all the way to I-76, Greenwich Road, and just down the road was Route 57.

I was a child who basically tested the waters. I can remember it was warm out, sunny, the leaves were falling since we were heading into fall, the air smelled of leaves. I was standing on my great grandparents property. With permission, I could basically go all the way back to the highway, usually with a friend. I was told never to go further then great granny's woodline. That day I went further past her woodline into the woods that was on the right hand side of the house. Through the woods was another families home. I started walking through the forbidden path and about half way through is when I saw something brown and hairy in a squatting position. At first, I thought it was a dog. Then it stood up! It was at least seven feet tall or more. I stood there in a frozen position and stared at it. I ran before it could turn around. I was in total fear. The back was covered in hair, the arms hung down, it had very broad shoulders, the body was covered in brown hair. I stumbled across this website, and still felt kinda shy about telling people, but that is my story.

ALSO NOTICED: Just complete quietness.

OTHER STORIES: Around eight years ago my dads family had a picnic. Someone brought up the subject of hunting which eventually led to them talking about seeing a group of Bigfeet. This was near my dads house in Wadsworth. They said the area was all woods before it was developed. He and his brothers were hunting and ran across the creatures. The creatures turned and looked at them then fled the area. I asked them three times if they were kidding and they all said no. Then, I told them of my experience even though some of the other relatives just laughed. My dad and his brothers did not.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: During the day, warm out, the leaves were falling on the ground. Sometime afternoon.

ENVIRONMENT: Fields and woods with a creek flowing through the area.

An aerial view of the area from 2000. Still pretty wooded.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness added:
* At first, she thought it was a huge dog...until it stood up which scared her to death.
* There is no possibility of it being a Black Bear
* It was 15 yards away when it stood up.
* It was brown in color and the hair looked longer on its arms
* She could see its left arm was bent upright and the right arm was hanging below the knees.
* It was huge when it stood least seven feet.
* She never waited for it to turn around.
* She didn't tell anyone for many years
* The property where the sighting took place was cleared for farming in the early 80ís.

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