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Washington Expedition - August 2005

PREFACE - About the expeditions in general.

The Aug.05 Washington report (below) is being published before some other expedition reports, because there was more assistance in assembling it.

Several target areas were explored during each of the expeditions. In most areas we heard no responses, but we eventually came across areas in various states where we did hear distinct vocalizations, etc.

Those states were FL, CA, WA, WV, NM, NY, CO, BC.

On several of the expeditions several people were stalked along trails or near camps. There were also daylight sightings on two of the expeditions.

Sasquatches are more intelligent than most bigfoot researchers realized. They are also more approachable than most researchers realized.

Under the right circumstances, in the right places, sasquatches will approach humans at night without hostility, provided that humans do the right things in those situations.

On all of the expeditions at least some of the attendees got approached at night.

On some of the expeditions everyone got to hear vocalizations, etc., at night, and came within 50 feet or so (Colorado, British Columbia).

There is reliable activity in parts of Central Florida, West Virginia, California (Sierras and Redwoods), New York Adirondacks, British Columbia, Washington, Colorado and New Mexico.

We suspect there are populations in several other areas, and in other states. Upcoming expeditions will explore the areas of highest probability in various states.

The Aug.'05 Washington report (below) still does not contain all the photos and recording clips that it will contain eventually, but it is enough for a release at present.



Washington Expedition Report - August 4-7, 2005 - Olympic Peninsula

A timeline of events - click here

More about the participants - click here


One Class A daylight sighting, just after sunrise on Sunday morning.

Several possible Class B incidents, some involving multiple witnesses. Some were recorded.

Some tracks were found, near where most of Class B incidents occurred.

The Class A and Class B incidents culminated in a focused effort on the last night (Sunday), to obtain surveillance footage. The surveillance equipment was directed along the same pathway where the Class A daylight sighting occurred Sunday morning.

The surveillance system recorded video continuously through the night. No sasquatches were caught on the tape. No bears or mountain lions were caught either.

Surveillance efforts directed at these animals are inherently experimental, but some potential lessons were learned on this trip. Those comments will be posted soon.

The expedition was led by one dozen BFRO members, and attended by more than two dozen non-member participants. For more information on the participation, click here.

The 2004-2005 expeditions have important historical significance. A method for predicting habitat areas was taught and demonstrated to more than 200 hundred people in different states.

On almost every trip most of the attendees got close enough to hear these animals at night.

It will be self-evident to anyone who is brought at night to certain places that special animals live there. These animals that can be heard in short order, but are very difficult to film in short order.

The nocturnal habits of sasquatches greatly complicate the logistics of a camera effort. Many people have ideas and assumptions in that regard. We welcome anyone who thinks they have a good approach, and is fully capable of deploying and maintaining their own system(s) for a four day weekend.

Among other things the experience provides one with an appreciation for the cost, the time and the expertise required to film these animals.

Even without visual documentation, focused and funded scientific inquiry will be inevitable as more people learn how to identify these habitat areas in different parts of North America.

The expeditions are open to anyone, per se. But only those who are coming to help and not hinder are welcome. State college instructors or grad students from the given state are strongly encouraged to attend.

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