2013 Missouri Ozarks Expedition

October 17 - October, 2013

This will be the third public (open to non-members) BFRO expedition in Missouri.

Previous expeditions in Missiourit have not been uneventful. See the notes regarding the 2008 expedition and the 2009 expedition and a members-only BFRO trip in 2010.

The Missouri Ozarks have a long history of sightings, etc. The terrain is similar to the terrain in southeastern Oklahoma -- lots of deer supported by copious amounts of acorns from hardwood forests.

The dates chosen for the 2013 trip will mean the leaves are falling, which will create more visibility and crunchy leaf litter on the forest floor. This will help alert the group to anything animals approaching or stalking around a camp at night..

BFRO organizer Carter Buschardt will be leading this trip, assisted by Tom Ruh of St. Louis.


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