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American Paranormal: Bigfoot (in 5 Parts)

This documentary was first broadcast on January 24, 2010, on the National Geographic Channel. It was written/produced/directed by Virginian Chris Lofft. The BFRO advised on the production.

The documentary takes a "Legend Meets Science" approach to some of the best evidence, especially the PGF, rather than the typical documentary approach of mere interviews -- believers vs. skeptics.

It presents a mathematically-based argument establishing the validity of the PGF. Most notable, it has the best animated visuals ever made to explain the determinative anatomical issues that bigfoot researchers have been aware of for years.

The approach and results are certainly not novel. In fact they were squarely based on the prior work of Meldrum and Hajicek over the past few years. The involvement of Bill Munns in this doc helped refine the height estimate of the Patterson creature.

The big lady is 7' 6 1/2" tall.



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