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New Mexico Expedition: September 5-8, 2024

Every BFRO expedition in New Mexico has been a good one. Some compelling incidents occurred on each trip because each trip was in a real bigfoot hot spot.

The September 2024 expedition will occur on an indian reservation in northerm New Mexico with a long history of sightings and encounters. It is a very special place. The assistance of tribal members will make the trip even more special.

The area is loaded with elk, deer, wild turkey, wild horses and many other species. You will walk through rocky mountain forests that very few outsiders get to see. In these areas the remnants of the ancient Anasazi people are plainly visible and undisturbed.

As with many of the 2024 BFRO expeditions, drones will be used to help explore areas that are too difficult to climb into.

If you are interested in attending please see the BFRO's FAQ page.





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