Regarding BFRO Expeditions in 2010


BFRO expeditions in 2010 will be open only to certain categories of people:

1) BFRO investigators (and their friends and/or family members).
2) Non-members who have attended prior BFRO expeditions (and family members).
3) New people with exceptional skills, resources, equipment or talents.
4) New people who were unable to attend previously due to military commitments or college commitments.

These limitations will apply in 2010, but the expeditions may open up to regular newcomers after 2010.

There are various reasons for this change in 2010. Chief among them: 2010 will be an important year for the BFRO in the televison arena. There will be at least one television project underway in 2010. The leadership of the group will need to focus on that project. Numerous large public expeditions during the year would be a major distraction from that focus. Smaller expeditions can still happen, and will happen, with organizers, members and "alumni" (i.e. people who have attended prior expeditions).

Over the past five years BFRO expeditions have steadily grown in size. People who attended one expedition usually attended more, while new people were signing up. Over the course of time the number of participants, especially in particular regions, grew so much that the expeditions became difficult to wrangle. It became obvious that BFRO expeditions can and should be more spread out in terms of geography and the calendar. The 28 expeditions per year around North America might multiply to over 100 smaller expeditions in that scenario. That would help us along in some ways, but it would make the task of newbie matriculation much more difficult. It is already a challenge with 28 expeditions per year.

Local organizers will be organizing smaller expeditions (40 people max.) in 2010, but the calendar for those trips will only be shown on a private message board. That private message board (The "BFRO Alumni Board") will be restricted to the categories listed above.

The BFRO has introduced over 4,000 new people to bigfoot field research over the past five years -- more than enough people for local organizers to work with, and become more familiar with.

Instructions for Categories 1 and 2

If you fall into the first two categories (BFRO investigators and expedition alumni) please send an email to ALUMNI@BFRO.net to access the Alumni forum. You will need to identify yourself with all your contact info, so there is no question that you are who you claim to be. If possible, send your email from the same email address that we would have on file. Thus if you already work with us, send the request from the same email account you use to communicate with us most of the time. If you are an expedition alumnus, please email us from the same email account you used to sign up for the trip(s). If you use a different email address now then you will need to contact the person(s) who organized the expedition you attended and have them send the request to ALUMNI@BFRO.net

Instructions for Category 3

The third category listed above is defined as "new people with exceptional skills, resources, equipment or talents". We don't want to limit the criteria beyond that. If you can state your case that you meet this criteria in some way, then please send us an email. Tell us about yourself, and how the criteria applies to you, and explain why you would like to get involved with the BFRO. Please send the email to Contact@BFRO.net

Instructions for Category 4

If you fall into the fourth category (you could not attend a prior BFRO expedition due to military commitments or college commitments) send an email to Contact@BFRO.net explaining your situation. You may be asked to show proof of your military service or college attendance.


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