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Great North Figure in Blu-Ray (on LED TV) appears to be Human

by Matt Moneymaker (edited by BFRO) - Posted January 8, 2010

UPDATE !! (10:45AM PST, January 13, 2010):

Wally Hersom received the Blu-Ray version of the DVD. He played it on his high-end Blu-Ray player, on his enormous state-of-the-art LED extra large screen television. He moved up close to the screen and noticed more details in the figure than he had seen before -- more details than in any of the versions that have been posted so far on YouTube. Of course, this is not IMAX resolution, but it is noticeably different than what others had acheived so far on Hi-Def televisions. Compare the two clips below your yourself. The one on the left is the one Wally videotaped last night, where I am pointing at the figure.

As you can more easily see, in "Blu-Ray+LED," the Great North figure appears more human-like than sasquatch-like. It appears to be an agile human wearing a uniformly dark, form-fitting clothing ensemble, including a dark face covering, and a small, snug, dark-colored backpack (which made the GNF appear larger).

A few thoughts arose after saw the GNF on Blu-Ray+LED. We were disappointed that it was not a sasquatch, but we were also quite amazed by how different the various enlargements were. The different enlargements created, in effect, different figures -- figures that could be interpretted very differently.

The GNF in standard hi-def appears more muscular and bulky than in Blu-Ray+LED. Also in Blu-Ray+LED ... the figure does not appear to be scrambling forward using its arms, as it does in the lower resolutions. Only in the Blu-Ray+LED can you see the person wave his arm sharply as he gestures toward the advancing caribou herd, waving them to his left with his right arm.

At this point there is no need to speak with the crew person, because we're satisfied that it is a crew person .. and the crew person appears to be doing what Mr. White has been asserting. He was "directing the stream of caribou toward the dramatic center of the shot."

If the resolution to the mystery of the Great North Figure were to have its own title, it might be: "Not your typical film crew dude".

Nevertheless ... it sure would be interesting to see those IMAX enlargements ... purely for comparison purposes, to see how different the "IMAX-re-scan" GNF may be from the others, as a technology curiousity, if nothing else. Someday, hopefully, someone, somewhere, will take the time to find those reels and find those frames, and scan them again with a focused approach, and state-of-the-art gear and processes.

I suspect a lot of people would like to see that.

If ever there was a good test subject for demonstrating resolution differences of various formats, and various types of televisions -- the GNF is it. It would be entirely appropriate and unbiased because this unsuspecting fellow was not even trying to look like a sasquatch hunting caribou ... Those interpretations arose partly from the circumstances, and partly from the technologies and processes used to get a closer look at him.

In wider application, the starkest way to demonstrate the resolution differences of various cameras (and related equipment) is to record a distant figure in wide-angle mode, then enlarge the figure. That not only demonstrate the differences of resolution, but also the different types of distortion that typically affect enlargements.

  BLU-RAY on Large Sanyo LED television (at Wally's house)   Standard DVD on Hi-Def television


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