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Report # 1801  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 21, 2001.
Close daylight sighting of animal crossing road near Spirit Lake
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YEAR: 1967

SEASON: Summer


DATE: @29th

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Bonner County

LOCATION DETAILS: go ahead , use this info as you wish but not in a deflamatory way please . I believe the being went across the in westerly direction from geographical memory but it felt like a northly direction as well - the sun was kind of in front of us as we were heading on the road and kind of to our left .

NEAREST TOWN: bonners ferry

NEAREST ROAD: the road to bonner ferry from spirit Lake

OBSERVED: I, Stephen Rees of Paradise CA now , was spending the summer of 1967 in Spirit Lake with Steve Shaw at his father and step mothers home . Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Shaw. We, Steve-Dale Sckelenger and myself, were bucking bales of haw at the Harold Glabb farm, some 10 to 15 miles away . We were in Dale's red 1956 ford PU and we were coming back to Spirit Lake on a narrow dusty road. It was not far from the Glabb farm and the road had a thick growth of lodge pole pine on either side of the road . This is where the hair on the back of my neck started tingling, which prompted me, sitting in the middle, to turn around and look behind me . What I saw was a quiet tall long haired bipedal mamal with the hair from head to toe, complete four steps to get accross the road. As soon as we passed the place it came out onto the road and it made it across before the distance and dust hid it from view.

I kept this a secret for all these years because I was trying to protect it from the harm that was wide spread back then. It never looked at us at all, complete disregard as to our passing. Never mentioned this to either Steve or Dale, so I don't know if either one ever saw it in their mirrors . I was separated from them some days later as i was put on a bus with some of my other calif friends and

Steve's brother Bruce had taken up a collection of money for gas to make a trip from the SF bay area to Spirit Lake to beat a letter Steves mom had mailed to tell Mr. Shaw to keep Steve in Idaho. I have not seen Steve since ..

In 1993 My wife and I made a trip to Spirit Lake to find Steve. We managed to find Dolly to try to get a message to Steve. We ran into the town historian and when I explained who I was she instantly remembered all the details of that summer. She is middle aged and delivers news papers. Very nice person. It was Boots and his black Model A ford that he drove backwards to show us where Dolly lived . All this info will check out . I will submit to voice testing you wish .

PS , I wish no harm ever to come these beings .

TIME AND CONDITIONS: time--late afternoon 4 pm
condition- clear with three to four mph breeze as it was hot in the fields but the stream water through the farm was cold enough to keep our beers cold and the boss didn't mind.

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