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Report # 4761  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 6, 2002.
Rainy night sighting near Dodgeville
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YEAR: 1994


MONTH: October

DATE: 15 October 94

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Iowa County

LOCATION DETAILS: This was on Wisconsin Highway 130 west of Wisconsin Highway 23 out of Dodgeville.

NEAREST TOWN: Dodgeville

NEAREST ROAD: Wisconsin Highway 130

OBSERVED: I was driving home from work on a rural road at night and it was raining. I saw what I thought at first to be a man walking along the edge of the road in a brown jacket and pants until I got closer and saw that this was much too big to be a man. After I went by I realized that this was possibly a big foot creature. I kept this to my self for fear I would be made fun of. But my dad also says he has seen them when he was out fishing some years ago. My sister also told me that she saw one in the same area. This was in Iowa county, Wisconsin.


OTHER STORIES: The witness told me that her father thought he had seen them before. He was known for fishing in out of the way places that few go.
From the Dodgeville area down toward Prairie du Chien.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was raining on a fall night and it was around 8pm.

ENVIRONMENT: It was near a small pond and open area on one side of the road.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was matter of fact in describing her observation.
She said it was bigger than a black bear. (Admittedly her perception of a black bear might be smaller than their maximum size, but where her sighting occurred is not a typical area to find black bear.)
It was not black. (Wisconsin black bears are nearly l00 percent black in color according to our WI DNR) This was a brown colored subject. Her first take was "Its a guy in a raincoat and he is walking toward me."
She was driving a medium sized car and she estimated the subject's height at between 7 and 8 feet tall. She did not see its hands, it was dark, plus she said she focused on the thing's body. She could not see details in the face, it was brown. No neck was noticed but was she convinced until she got closer that it was a large man in a raincoat. The head was round and she reiterated, " The creature was big.. too big for man or bear."
The witness told her husband and he thought she had just seen a bush.
She went back later to look and saw nothing there.

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