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Report # 4987  (Class A)
Submitted by witness no on Sunday, September 22, 2002.
Deputy sheriff has vehicle near miss with nine foot tall biped
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YEAR: 1990


MONTH: October

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Adams County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was about 10 Miles North of Council, just after you start down Fort Hall Hill.



OBSERVED: I was working as a Deputy Sheriff in Adams County. I was traveling North on U.S. 95 About 10 miles north of Council well after dark. I was headed to an accident scene at high speed with lights and siren. A large hairy creature came up the embankment in front of my car, crossed the road and went up the embankment on the opposite side of the road. I have no idea how fast I was traveling, but if this had been a normal forest animal I would have hit it before it completed its crossing of the road. I couldn't really tell what it was except that it walked on two legs and had dark fur.

ALSO NOTICED: Several times I had removed small boulders from the road in this area to keep cars from running into them. Usually this happened after a rain storm, so it was probably not the creature. I had smelled odors something like that of strong rotting meat in this area.


OTHER STORIES: I had several people say that their livestock were acting strange. A fellow officer had cast a large humanlike footprint he had found while hunting.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest, brush

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roland Wolfe:

This ex-deputy sheriff had a very good recall of detail from this 1990 sighting of an eight and one half foot to nine foot tall hairy biped. As this large animal came up from the lower side of the road the deputy got a partial frontal view and said that the creature was two to three times his own body width and had front facing eyes which reflected light from his vehicle headlights. In just a few seconds the animal had crossed the road went up a steep bank and went into brush and was no longer visible when the deputy checked his rear view mirror. The deputy could not determine gender of the animal.

The deputy used to have a skeptical view of these type reports.

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