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Report # 1022  (Class A)
Submitted by witness D. P. on Saturday, September 15, 1990.
Hunters observe creature walking in the woods
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YEAR: 1990


STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Walker County

LOCATION DETAILS: 1 1/2miles southeast of Nauvoo Alabama.

OBSERVED: Back in 1990 i was having predation problems on some property i was leasing. something was killing and eating my chickens i was raising. so me and my friend bj decided to doa little varmit hunting. we set up in some tall sage grass in the field behind my home about 300 meters away. it was late evening and we got into position to do some calling with a fawn distress call i had brought along. we called on and off for several minutes with no results. so we decided to wait until just before dark to try again. we got to sitting there just listening and noticed something was walking just inside the woodline directly in front of us about 150 meters away. it had the rhythm of something bipdial not fourlegged. we were upwind so i waited to see what or who it was. it got so dark that couln't see mpre than 25-30 meters so we decided to call it quits for the day. when we got upbj shined his 6 cell light at the woodline and we caught a glimpse of something stepping back and stopped looking back where it had came, about then we hears the same series of sounds and the deer rather than go back ran within 20 feet of us in the opposite direction. over the next few months there were no more sounds so we put it in the back of our minds and forgot about it. deer season came and we decided not to hunt the area alone but to go ahead a the same stench as the night months before and the closer we got to the place where the deer had been it got worse. upon arriving the deer was gone you could see where it had lain but it was nowhere to be found. there were no drag marks in the leaves so whatever had moved it had lifted it from the ground and carried it. there are no known predators here larger than coyotes or bobcats. the deer weighed around 100-125lbs so whatever it was was large. this all occured 1 1/2miles southeast of nauvoo alabama on property owned by greg b.


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