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Oregon Cascades Expedition 2024

June 13 (Thursday) - June 16 (Sunday)

Native Oregonian Cindy Caddell is an archeologist with a bachelor's degree in anthropology. Her focus in school was native American legends related to sasquatches/bigfoots.

Cindy has led BFRO expeditions in Oregon several times. Over the past few years Cindy has been selecting areas with activity in the central Cascades based on indicators from reports submitted online and through others locally via word-of-mouth.

There are many areas in Oregon where activity has occurred in the past, but many of those areas may not be as active anymore. The vast forest fires in Oregon over the past few years have displaced many thousands of deer in central Oregon, so all of their predators (including bigfoots) would have been displaced along with them.

There is a process for figuring out the areas where the displaced deer herds would have ended up, using satellite imagery and tips from locals. The next part of the process is to figure out which of those retreat zones would be accessible to a four day expedition.

Mountain roads need to be drivable with no major washouts. Burned mountainous areas that have not recovered and regrown (takes about 10 years) are frequently cut off after winter storms because mud slides are more likely. Those slides will wash out the dirt roads and small bridges. Target areas need to be scouted by vehicle after big storms. It's a process.

Cindy has a primary target in mind, and good back up locations. She will have help from other BFRO people in Oregon before and during the expedition.

 Her last expedition in Oregon was held in May. It rained the whole time and put a damper on things. The 2024 trip will happen in June to reduce the potential for rain complications.

Rani won't stop the trip. Sasquatches don't hide from Summer rain. Those conditions are more inconvenient but also more likely to reveal fresh tracks on trails and dirt roads.




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