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Report # 1024  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 1, 2001.
An account of bigfoot tool use
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YEAR: 1953


MONTH: October

DATE: October 1953

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Casey County


NEAREST ROAD: Wolfford st.

OBSERVED: When I was young,six years old, Ronnie Joe a friend of mine and myself was playing behind Ronnie's house. We heard a thumbing sound and moved closer to see what was making the sound. Just behind a neighbor's house we saw a big foot digging in the ground with a stick of fire wood, at times taking one stick of fire wood and pounding a second stick into the ground. Then he would turn the dirt over, using the stick like a spade. He may have been looking for food, but we never knew for sure.
Then the bigfoot stood up and walked our way. We were only 25ft. to 30ft. from the animal. It was showing its teeth but didn't make a sound. This was a open field, bright sunshine lit day, nothing between us and the animal, so we got a good look but not a very long look at bigfoot.
The animal had a dark brown coat with a lighter, almost grey vest. He had large teeth and long "dirty" finger and toe nails. The nails looked very thick.

OTHER WITNESSES: Ronnie Joe Phillips
We were playing around the house.

OTHER STORIES: Yes lots, but only a couple that I feel like I can really believe.
Three cousins of my ex wife was playing in a barn and a bigfoot walked just in the gainway of the barn and looked around inside the barn, then walked away.
A Mr. Brown told me that he had seen bigfoot like animals two differant times in his life.

sunlit day
about 60 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: About one half mile from Green River just at the edge of town, up on a small rise out of the river bottom.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Withers:

The witness and his friend walked around to the rear of the friend's house to investigate the source of a thumping noise. Upon rounding the corner of the house, they stopped and stared at a bigfoot squatting down near the foundation of a neighbor's house, about thirty feet away. They saw it from the side for five to ten seconds as it was using two eighteen inch long pieces of firewood to dig with. After a couple of blows it raised up, turned, and started walking towards them, displaying its teeth at them in a kind of snarl, but without making any sound. The boys, stricken with fear, ran back around and into the friend's house where, after much effort, they got the friend's mother to take a look. When she did, however, the bigfoot was gone, and the only evidence left was the disturbed ground where it had been digging. The animal must have moved with great speed to either a nearby creek, or a nearby cornfield.

The bigfoot was approximately six and a half to seven feet tall and appeared to weigh over 300 pounds. It had very dark brown, coarse, stringy hair, similar to a goat's. The hair on the chest, stomach area and lower abdomen was a dull gray color. The face was black, and the nose looked like a flattened human nose. The fingernails and toenails were very thick - possibly from 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick - and dirty. They looked as though they would be very useful for digging. It had two canine teeth that were a little larger than a human's. It had no sagittal crest, no noticeable breasts or sex organs, and no odor.

This sighting is notable in that it's an observation of a bigfoot using a tool - two pieces of wood used as a hammer and chisel. The use of tools is considered by scientists to be an indicator of the level of intelligence of an animal, especially a primate. There has been much speculation on the intelligence of bigfoot, and on whether they use tools or not. This sighting indicates that they are indeed capable of using crude tools.

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