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Report # 1098  (Class A)
Submitted by K.C. on Wednesday, September 8, 1999.
Multiple witness reports of sightings of creature.
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: South Dakota

COUNTY: Dewey County

LOCATION DETAILS: These recent sightings (August 1999) occured on the Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation, near Eagle Butte, South Dakota, a radius of 50 miles--where four sightings occured.

OBSERVED: Incident #1: A party of five people fishing on the Cheyenne River, on the reservation--south of Faith, observed a tall, hairy creature which looked like a bear, watching them from across the river. As they hurried to gather their equipment to leave, one of the smaller boys said "it was waving at them". T. C. said it was taller then the little cottonwood trees by the bank.

Incident #2: A white man living near the CRST reservation, a bordertown called Faith spotted a hairy creature crossing his path and called the local highway patrol to investigate. This was heard on the police scanner by many listeners.

Incident #3: A man named R. D. was swimming north of Faith, on the reservation called Iron Lightning, and spotted a hairy creature with a little one and they (?) gave chase but were unable to get close.

Incident #4: F. V. D. (east of Faith) a white rancher and farmer and a former skeptic, now a believer, saw a hairy creature while he was damming (making a dam) at dusk. He told me it made some kind of noise and dove into a arroyo (?) or narrow creek.

Incident #5: Also, the Eagle Butte News (paper) carried a story a few years back about sightings on the reservation at Green Grass, South Dakota. There were actual footprints in the paper and was investigated by Officer S. P. of the CRST Law Enforcement.

OTHER WITNESSES: I've described their activities above.

OTHER STORIES: There were many UFO sightings around the south of Faith, South Dakota area.

ENVIRONMENT: It seems that all of these sightings occurred near rivers or creeks with nearby trees, rolling prairies of South Dakota, about 2100 ft. above sealevel--this is a guess.

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