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Report # 1255  (Class B)
Submitted by witness A. M. on Tuesday, October 5, 1999.
Creature observed walking back and forth by witnesses
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YEAR: 1998


MONTH: September


STATE: Alaska

COUNTY: Bethel County

LOCATION DETAILS: 45 miles by air west of Lake Iliamna, Alaska in the Mulchatna River Drainage

OBSERVED: My hunting buddy and I were sitting on a ridge watching for Caribou. About 1000 yards away a large clearing was in view. While we were glassing the clearing for caribou to come out of the brush we watched a large grey animal walking on hind legs walk between two large spruce trees on opposite sides of the clearing. We are both long time Alaskans, avid hunters and have logged many, many hunts in North America. I have hunted all of North America's Deer, elk, Black and Grizzly Bear. I have never seen an animal like what we saw that day. we watched it for over a half hour move from one tree accross the clearing to the other tree. eventually, caribou moved into the area and we lost sight of the animal when it moved off into heavy brush. We had never heard of a Bigfoot in AK. But we did tell the Bush pilot that picked us up from our hunt that we had seen something strange. He told us we had probably seen the "Hairy Man" A well known animal of the Iliamna region by the native people.

ALSO NOTICED: nothing unusual

OTHER WITNESSES: Scouting for caribou with high quality binoculars

ENVIRONMENT: Call Iliamna Air taxi for lat & Long of Long Lake. Topography is boreal forest typical of south western Alaska

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